Thursday, September 8, 2011


That was yesterday. 

Today I have a messy bedroom and stacks of unorganized papers on my desk.  Then today disappeared on me, I'm honestly not sure where it went.  Even lunch went by in a flash and normally lunch drags on a little bit.

Yesterday I did this:

I have no idea if it worked or not.  If you see it and you see no square around the circle, then I succeeded.  If there is a white box around the circle, then I failed.  If you can't tell, I broke even.

It took me ALL day of wrangling program disks, IT professionals, internet downloads, more IT professionals, and internet how-tos that use the word "Extract" instead of "Save As".  Yeah...that last one took a while.  But once all the hard parts were done making it a circle was easy. 

I also mailed out two packages yesterday.  That was hard too.  I had to threaten the postage dispenser machine with a crowbar before it would listen to me and print a stamp on a label I kept on shoving into the hole marked "Label".  Turns out it's easier if you slide the label through the spot called "Envelope".

Oh, I also got "yelled" at by a slightly more experienced in life than me coworker that I broke the computer because I moved the cursor too fast.  Don't worry, I "yelled" back at that one. 

Today he brought me in a dream catcher his wife got in the mail for once a long time ago donated money to a school.  Similar to how the Nature Conservancy sends me address labels and calendars, but way more cool.  I hung it up over my doorway.  It caused a lot of comments by coworkers wanting to know what it meant, because I don't work at the Indian Organization or anything.  It just means the bad thoughts stay out and only the good thoughts come in. 


Anonymous said...

"Turns out it's easier if you slide the label through the spot called "Envelope"." - LOL

Anonymous said...

And, your circle turned out great!