Friday, February 18, 2011

Why Can't My Mom Just Make All of My Clothes?

So just to update you on the whole shopping thing.  I did go to Target for my prescriptions and Target sucked me in.  I almost bought a headband, but I didn't feel like spending money even though the head band would totally look sweet with my "new professional look".  I held it for a few minutes.  I also almost bought my sister a present and then decided I could do better than Target.  Then I bought a frozen pizza b/c it wasn't pepperoni, we try to have frozen pizza stocked b/c frozen pizza is cheaper than going out to eat when we're too tired to cook.  I also bought a nail my defense I returned a nail polish I bought last week.  I like this color better (the last one was clear...not sure what I was thinking!).  It's a metallic silver color.  Also, all of my nail polish has gone bad b/c it's been so long since I've bought some, so it's not like I'm buying something I already have fifty of...I only have one other workable color and it's Barbie Pink.  It does NOT add to my "new professional look".

While I was in Target and in Kroger yesterday (Taco toppings), I pretended like I was excited to pick stuff out, but I wasn't.  I was annoyed.  I wanted to be home.  I had my stripper boots on and they were hurting my feet and ankles.  I couldn't decide if 4 for 5$ for wrinkly almost rotten orange and yellow peppers was a good deal or not.  I walked back and forth through the veggies like 8 times changing my mind.  Is it worth paying $4 for a 4 lb. bag of smaller more delicious looking oranges or 5$ for an 8lb bag of large slightly less delicious looking oranges?  Dilemmas.  At least I already knew what sort of sour cream I wanted...the good kind.  Only one ingredient in it...Milk Cream.  In the Publix (Pube-licks) store, the sour cream had 10 different ingredients and one of the last ones was milk whey as the diary portion of the sour cream.

So picking out the best thing and making sure I love it when I go shopping does not apply to grocery shopping or target errands. I'm pretty sure I hate shopping actually.  I have a coupon for 10$ of $50 purchase a JC Penny tomorrow.  I need new summer clothes and I want to get an outfit for mardi Gras...but I don't know where to look for them and what makes good summer clothes?  And tank tops?  What am I suppose to get?  MAYBE I'll get work blouses, short sleeve, and black work pants at JC Penny, but go to the goodwill for fun clothes.  And TJ Max for dresses.  BUT has spring fashion started yet? Should I wait to the end for the sales?  I find that when I do this, I miss it, and there are no options or product left to purchase that fits me, and so I don't buy anything.  Then I'm depressed until the fall season starts and refuse to go shopping b/c I am spending all my money on vacations.

Do you know where I secretly want to get my clothes?  The Buckle.  Once they had a crazy sweater vest there for $40 and I didn't get it and I always wish I had. I think they match my attitude.  But I don't want to get branded, so I'll stick to the Goodwill.

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