Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Catch Up of Thoughts

I just ran 3 miles and Surprise! I feel great!  That's really pretty amazing.  I ran one mile straight without stopping to walk too.  So did Josh.

I spent last week in Washington DC for a work meeting and then I visited Adair for the weekend.  She lives with this amazing professor who teaches middle eastern politics or something like that.  She had just gotten back from Iran where she was the first female speaker at one of their top high schools.  She brought back real turkish delight, only she said it wasn't that, but it was the same (only more amazing and delicious) than the box of candies I get at TJ Max that say it's turkish delight.  I tend to believe her more than I believe TJ Max.  I also got to eat some real Iranian pistachios.  She is the nicest lady.  She opens her house up to strangers constantly and is the best hostess I've ever met.  In that even though it was her house, I felt perfectly comfortable in it as if it was my house.  One morning I got up before Adair, and made some cereal like she suggested I should the night before, and Irene (the roommate) talked to me a little, but then let me do my own thing and it wasn't awkward at all.  She has a little Shitzu dog named Coda with one eye.  Coda and I took a nap on the couch at one point.  Adair is like my mom and must always be doing something.  I figured I aughta do something, and then I realized I enjoyed sitting on the couch doing nothing a whole lot, then I fell asleep and stopped worrying about everything.

It was really nice to visit Adair and catch up.  She's quite mysterious and makes me and Irene laugh.

She also inspired me to make banana apple muffins.  She made banana rasberry muffins one morning and they were the tastiest things ever!  So when I got home, I had two perfectly brown mushy bananas and one almost old apple.  I cut up the apple and put it in with the bananas in my off brand magic bullet blender thing and it wouldn't blend!  Surprise surprise.  So I added one of the eggs to it for moisture which got it to blend and whipped the egg.  It made the thickest fluffiest muffin mix I've ever had and the muffins turned out to be some of the best muffins I've ever made.

Yesterday I also did the dishes and pick up some of my stuff.  Then I painted this tie rack I got at the goodwill and hung it up on the bathroom wall and hung all my long necklaces on it.  I feel like a real hipster now.  I also used my left over paint to paint a picture in my art notebook.  I used a technique I used to watch on a painting show a lot on PBS.  I forget what it's called, but you load two colors up on your brush at once and paint flowers that way.  I actually bought this paint and the brushes to do that style of painting years and years and years and years ago and this was the first time I actually did it.  Goal accomplished.

I wonder if you put joy into making purchases and choosing things to buy if you would buy more or less stuff?  I'll see if I can try that and let you know what happens.  It might take a while though because I'm not sure when the next time I go shopping will be.  Probably next Monday really.  We have enough food to last until then.

Is it cheaper to make my own bread or to buy the healthy $3.50 loaf of bread at the store?  To make my bread as healthy I would have to purchase wheat flour and other bread health fillings.  Not sure what yet.  I'd have to research it.  It would also involve time.  On the other hand I think I would really enjoy getting into bread making.  I have tons and tons of books on it.


Peggy said...

I think you like to be doing something all the time too.
Making bread is cheaper.

Db said...

Yes, I suppose I do, but I do take great joy in sitting and doing nothing. Especially if I'm tired.