Saturday, April 10, 2010

sickly rambles

Josh had a sickness where a sore throat turns into a sinus headache.  I'm at the turning point.

Before there was grocery stores and general stores and before there was cat food, what did people feed there cats?  I mean people who had cats for cats and not to catch mice?  I'm thinking they fed cats human meats food, and therefore to have a cat as an indoor pet, like the Egyptians did.  Then maybe that's why the Eygyptions had to think alot about the cats bc you had to be rich to have one as a pet and not as a mouser.

It's still expensive to have a cat now.  It was 11 dollars for flushable wheat kitty litter.  Swheatty cat litter.

I think a milk shake will taste mighty good right now.  I might make one....with berries.

I watched bob ross paint a mountain today.  He does so good.  It was so realistic.


asdlkfjasdf  Every time I hit enter the curser goes to the wrong spot and it bothers me a lot.  Then this happens.  Josh and I made pancakes this morning, but we only had 2 eggs, so we made 2/3 a recipe and we ate them all.  He even made baby ones and I ate them up.  Nom nom nom.
Then we went to target and bought only stuff required to wash our cars and kitty litter.  But I was feeling poopy so we played Canasta Caliente instead of washing the vehicles.  Then we took a nap because I was tired still.

Tomorrow is Josh's last day at Bosco's!  Woot woot.

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