Sunday, April 18, 2010

Damn It Feels Good To Be A Hipster

Well, it's been a while, and I have lots to say.  Sometimes I need to take a break to gather up stories, especially since Josh and I don't see so many interesting people any more.  We are slowly working towards becoming hobbit-hermits.
Back to my last post, I asked for ideas for creative Tramp Stamps.  I did receive a few ideas too!  I talked to Josh about it and he came up with the word TRAMP or the word STAMP as the tattoo.  Because these would be ironic.  Then we came up with a tattoo of a character in the World of Warcraft, Auctioneer Stampi, because his name is stamp.  And he would be opposite of sexy, again...ironic. 

Next someone gave me the idea of having a Monkey with his arms spread out wide as a tramp stamp.  I'm not so sure this would work because I fear and detest all monkeys unless they are in the zoo.  And even then I only like the cute black ones that play and are not very big.

The final idea is one of an iron rod, so that when I am old old old and not a cougar, the iron rod will give the guy inspiration of what he needs to be like.  I see major flaws in this idea though.  One, when I get old my skin will get all saggy, and so will the iron rod.  Two, I think getting a tat of a hot naked chick doing another naked chic would probably be better inspiration than something that looks like the Lead Pipe from Clue.

Well that's enough of that.  After thinking about how wrinkly my tramp stamp may get when I'm old, I decided not to get one. 

Yesterday we went to Nashville's Earthday celebration.  It was a lot of fun walking around and seeing all the different booths and conservation groups are in the area.  I got overwhelmed in the end though.  Everyone has a cause and they are all important, but I can't give myself to every cause, and even yesterday I was giving 5 min. and serious thought to each one and I got sooo worn out.   I don't know what cause is my own cause though....I am an environmentalist, but I am a lazy one, and I with my work and all, I'm getting burnt out on saving the earth.  My favorite one was a not-for-profit that bought up land for preservation.  I asked the guy what sort of arguments to they get for what they are if we make all the unused land in the US preserved, then where will the humans live?  He got all preachy on me, but I wasn't offended...I just wanted to know.  That's one thing I learned from my job is that there is always a negative view, and it's important to know what those are before you go supporting something blindly. 

What else did I see there? I saw a lot of Hippies Light.  Meaning, these were people who were hippies just for the day.  You could pick them out because they were dressed like hippies, but had tons of hair product in their hair or spent tons of time on it.  The big one that made me laugh was that all these girls were wearing hippie dresses that didn't require bras but, they were of course wearing bras and there were straps and bra backs all over the place.    I sorta felt bad for them, it was pretty hot out and they would have felt so much better without that bra.  I wasn't wearing one...but I wasn't really dressed up as a hippie...I was just wearing what would be most comfortable.

We saw Apache Relay play again.  This will be our third time seeing them without trying too.  They started in a Belmont dormroom.  The big name that played at the end was Bela Fleck and he was awesome!  He said that the people he was planning on playing with couldn't make it, so he called up some friends to help him out.  It was amazing...there was a great fiddle player, a drummer, Bela Fleck on banjo, and a trombonist.  The trombone added something to the music that you don't usually hear and it just brought the music up a level.  Then they had this really cute woman singing some songs with them, and she had an amazing voice.  It was definitely some of the best music I've ever heard.

Finally I want to emphasize how cute Ackbar is.  We have a clothing basket that he loves to jump in and peep over the top at us in the mornings.  He's saying "Get up! Play with me!"  and his tail stick straight up over the back of the basket.  Sooooo cute.  Josh and Ackbar then chase each other around the house until Ackbar is too tired and lays down.  But until then, Ackbar chases Josh just as much as Josh chases him.  Ackbar has hiding spots that he leaps out from and attacks feet when walking  by.  Sometimes I'm an accidental casualty when this happens.  I'm usually preparing for work or for the day when this happens.  He doesn't use claws though, he's learning that they are bad, and so he uses his soft paws on my feet.

Oh and the other day I discovered that he likes it when I drape him across my shoulders!  I've always wanted a cat that lets me do that.


Kimberly said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying your kitty! Please check out this website before you get a tattoo...

Anonymous said...

I think a tramp stamp of Stampi would be *amazing*.