Thursday, July 30, 2015

Tiny Vacations

What a busy week!  I realized it was like a bunch of mini-vacations all in a row!  And it was as fun as going on a real vacation.  It was also the hottest, muggiest, most humid week of the year, so far.  A great time to be busy.

First, we had a staycation on Friday and spent the day going through random boxes in the garage and basement, consolidating and preparing for a yard sale.  I feel a lot less scattered now.  I hate when I don't know where things are or what I own.  Basically I hate stuff in storage, and this helped organize it all.  All we have to do next is sort our books and baby clothes. 

Then on Saturday we woke up early and headed east.  First stop was Trader Joes for Ackbar's Trader Joe Cat Tuna...only his favorite meal and the only canned food he'll eat.  He's pissed if he doesn't get it, and even more angry if you try to feed him something all the other cat food available.  At TJ's I was judged at the wine tasting stand, I think the guy thought I had a fake id because he was truly surprised at how old I was.  He was a douche.  Lilly tried to swim in the wine isle.  Luckly we couldn't buy frozen foods because it was one million degrees out and humid and weren't going home any time soon.  That cut down on costs and time spent there. 

Next stop was my Grandpa's and Aunt and Uncle's houses.  They are neighbors, so it was really one stop.  Lilly and Josh went swimming in the most beautiful lake, and I listened to stories of my Grandpa's near death experience.  He had to get a vein from his leg put into his neck?  and they had to open his chest up to do surgery too.  He has some pretty cool scars.  I wish I could have spent more time there, it's a very relaxing place.

The next day was homeward with a stop in Mount Pleasant to visit Grandma Colombini for dinner.  And it was delicious!  We took Lilly to a splash park in town and she ran around in the sprinklers for as long as she wanted.  Then she tried all 8 of the slides in the park and peed a waterfall on the steps of one of the slides.  At least it was the steps, and not the slide all the way down!

Josh worked the next two days.  Lilly had a doctors' appointment, where she got a shot!  She was such a good girl and only cried a little bit.  I took her out to icecream afterwards.  The doctor said Lilly is growing well, and a good height, but is much too skinny.  She weighed 4 lbs less than I was hoping she would.  The good news is I no longer have to worry about what she eats.  She gets to eat everything.  I just wish she would eat.  She's not picky, she just gets distracted and too busy to eat.

At the coffee shop where we got ice cream, I got coffee and a sandwich.  Then I used the time to relax on my phone.  I was the Mom-On-Her-Phone-Ignoring-Her-Child.  But then she got bored with the chair and table and got up and started running around.  I put my phone down instantly because I will not be Mom-Who-Lets-Her-Child-Run-Crazy-In-Public.  I wrangled her and we left.

Then Oma and Opa watched Lilly over night so Josh and I could have a date night.  We drank Port and played a two person Magic: The Gathering card game Draft Tournament.  And it was just as nerdy as it sounds.  It was so much fun though!  We opened 8 booster packs of cards and each made a deck out of the random cards.  We only had time for one game, which I won.  The tournament is not over yet (best of 5), so it doesn't mean I made the superior deck (so far).  Mine is green and white.  Josh's deck is red and black.

In the morning we slept in!!  And then got Taco Bell and a movie to bring to my parent's house.  Lilly was so happy to see us and we got giant hugs!  The taco bell was amazing.  Just amazing.  And the movie, Kingsman, was just okay.  Josh and my mom liked it a lot, but I was looking for less blood and more comedy.  I also didn't like the main actor kid.  It was nice to spend the hot muggy day in the woods in a much cooler house than ours.  By the end Lilly was asking for "own house!" and got mad when we had to stop at the grocery store first.  We needed food for an adult dinner party!  Josh's friend and wife visited and we grilled out.  Lilly ran around forever getting wet in the back yard and basically tired herself out.  And got wet, twice.

Now it's back to work.  Time to prepare for the coming fall.  Fair week is soon, and I can't wait to bring Lilly.  There won't be any birds there this year due to the Bird Sickness going around.  I should probably say Fowl if I want to sound accurate. 

Fun Fact: The full moon on July 31 will be a Blue Moon!

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