Sunday, August 23, 2015

Lazy Sunday

What a wonderful Sunday.  Josh got up first this morning with Lilly, then when it was my turn, he went back to sleep.  (We do that, only usually I'm first).  Later, Lilly and I woke Da up by climbing on him, tickling him, and Lilly says "Good Morning Da!" really loud.  Oh and we also laid in bed as a family and played phone games.  Lilly likes to cook on cooking games.  She made a salad, a pizza, and something with lots of red peppers.  The salad at julienned raw sausage. 

Lilly and I found a giant black ant with wings bug in the kitchen.  We caught it and set it free.  Now I am roasting garlic heads and a sweet potato in the oven.  I'm using one garlic for a salad dressing for noodle salad, and the other garlic and the sweet potato just needed roasting.  I'm thinking they will be part of dinner.

Later we are helping my family with work (unspecified for internet privacy aka none of my business to tell you).  We will have lunch with noodle salad and hotdogs and other foods.

I posted on fb that I am now a member of The Satanic Temple.  Even though it is registered as a religion, I see it more as a political cause that uses our religious policies to promote its' agenda.  I am still a Christian.  Anyways, I didn't just up and join.  Well, okay I did, but really I supported their legal case for women's rights to make decisions about their bodies.  That's what they believe, that their religion says that women can make their own choices and don't need the government to make laws about what women can and can't do.  And I believe that too.  Anyways, I helped crowdsource them, and my reward was a membership, 5 sweet pins, and an activity book.

I want to talk about something I've been thinking about a lot.  Several times a day for the last month.  It started when I went to order new toilet paper from Amazon Pantry.  I love Scott TP, and when I was in Nashville I would do surveys for points that I would turn in for money; these surveys were often about toilet paper and my feelings about toilet paper.  This is where I first heard about Scott's All Natural Toilet Paper that was made from recycled paper.  Not recycled toilet paper.  Just regular paper.  Maybe recycled bills?  That's what I'm going to think.  Anyways, I always wanted to try favorite brand and it's environmentally friendly!  The first time I found it was on Amazon Pantry last month, so of course I got it!  To "help" the environment (I bet it's more of a ploy to get the environmentally concerned to buy it, than that it's proven to be environmentally friendly) Scott removed the cardboard tube from the rolls. 


Now all the rolls squish closed because I don't handle my TP with care.  It makes good bombs, TP bowling, and a variety of other games.  The hole for the toilet paper roll holder closes up and then when you try to stick the holder through, the inside of the TP pulls out!  It gets all messed up and looks stupid.  It's a pain in the butt.  It doesn't roll well, and near the end it gets all droopy and falls off.  Not to mention, we never realized how satisfying pulling that little bit of glued TP off the tube was.  We have 5 more rolls, because I always buy toilet paper in bulk.

To be fair, I don't like the recycled paper TP because it is too soft.  That should be good for other Americans though.  I hear Americans love their TP soft.

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