Saturday, July 4, 2015

On Being a Woman

Lilly is now two years old!  She loves to prove it too by crying and being frustrated at things I'm not even sure what's wrong.  She also likes to do things herself and she likes to order her Da to mow.  Da! Mow! and points outside authoritatively.  She's learning new words every single day.  She got a bike helmet for her birthday and she looked at it and said "Helm" without us telling her what it was!  Just amazing.

I want to get her a pretend makeup set so that she can do her makeup while I do mine.  I also hope it will curb her drawing on her face.  She loves to draw on her face the most. 

Thinking about getting her a pretend makeup set reminded me of when I got one when I was little.  My Grandma would pick me up for my birthday and take me out to lunch.  Even if I was at school!  We would go to Pizza Hut and I would use my Book It! coupon to get a free personal pan pizza AND sticker for my BookIt! pin.  Then we would go to the Big Wheel and pick out a toy for me.  I picked out the pretend makeup and she wasn't sure if my mom would allow me to get it.  I said yes because my mom never said I couldn't get it. Heh heh heh. 

I was probably 8 give or take a few years.  And now I'm asking for one for my two year old.  I want her to grow up knowing about makeup.  When to wear it, when you don't need to, what type of makeup to wear when she's going out on a date vs. to an interview.  I have fought learning this my whole life.  I love wearing makeup for me, but I hate wearing makeup when people expect me to and say I have to.  Makeup is part of being a woman in this culture, even if it is against your feminist views or your hippie views.  I think it's important to be embraced and understood so that it you can control it instead of having it controlled onto you.

Off topic, but a thought to think about:  If everyone wants to keep their right to fly the confederate flag, and their right to not vaccinate their children (which I think they should keep that right, but would use my right to not fly the flag and my right to vaccinate my kids), why do women not have their right to their bodies?  Women should have the right to easily accessible birth control (all types, Plan B especially), and a right to an abortion.  Why does an embryo have more rights than a fully formed human that has lived a minimum of 11 to 13 years?  A possibility has more rights than a fact.  It doesn't make sense.  I would like to see birth control freely available and covered by basic insurance and maybe the government, but that's going above and beyond the basic rights issue.  That is a socialist political view, and can be argued.  But did you know you can buy Plan B over the counter at a pharmacy?  You don't need a prescription.  Why don't young girls know that?!?!  What if a woman is raped and can't see her doctor in time?  There is only a 3 day window for it. And it doesn't kill an embryo, it prevents the embryo from forming.  At the very least, I would like to see more knowledge openly talked about and spread about birthcontrol to women. At the very least, I wish it was part of the yearly woman checkup, to discuss all the types of birthcontrol and where to get it.

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