Thursday, July 23, 2015

Nothing Much

Yesterday I sat down to eat my cereal and my boob got caught on the bowl, flinging it in a circle with milk and cereal flying everywhere.  All I could think about is all the women in my life who told me they wished they had big boobs and how lucky I am.  How lucky indeed.

I brought Ackbar to his yearly vet appointment on Monday.  I stopped by to pick him up from my parents and amazed my dad.  I set Ackbar's kitty carrier down in the kitchen and made two calling noises.  Ackbar, who was sleeping under a desk in a very hard to reach place, jumped up and ran straight into his carrier.  Heh heh heh.  He and I performed the same trick in front of the vet and assistants after his check up.  No scratching, catching and forcing an angry cat into an enclosed space.  Ackbar LOVES his carrier and loves going places.  Even though he doesn't like the car ride too much and he doesn't really like being in new scary places.  I think he just likes adventures.  You know, add a little variety to his pampered kitty life; it must get wearisome sleeping in the sunshine all day and chasing mice all night.

Sidenote: Mr. Ackbar lost 2 pounds and is in a good healthy weight range (a grand total of 14 lbs).

Today after checking the mailbox:
 Lilly: Mail? Mail?Mail?!?
Me:  Yes, a little mail.
Lilly:  Tiny mail.

When I was in college, I babysat for a professor with three kids.  One must have been 2 yrs old, I didn't know then, and couldn't give you a proper guess at her age.  But she was still in diapers, but could walk very well.  She helped me get ice cream ready for her and her siblings and then helped me carry it to the tv room.  She talked to me the entire time, and it wasn't until we were done that I realized that she wasn't speaking actual words, just baby speak! I loved it, having an imaginary conversation with her, and or communicating without the "right" words.  When Lilly was born I waited and waited for her to reach that stage.  Turns out, Lilly skipped it.  She really only talks if she knows the words, and doesn't have a secret baby babble language.

Last week was the Baby Food Festival, and it was the first time I lived in town while it happened.  Let me tell you, it is a lot less inconvenient if you already live in town and already take the back ways around. It was also fun because it gave us things to do for 3 days! Yes, I went three days in a row.  We went to the petting zoo the library hosts for the kids, and Lilly got to pet a rabbit, a sheep, a goat, and a horse.  She did not want to pet the calf.  Then she got to run around and chase her friend Luke and swing at trees with sticks.  Then it was off to the Kids Expo where all the kid related businesses in town and some others set up booths and games for the kids to play while handing out info to the parents.  Lilly got her first snow cone and I got my first one since I was probably 12.  We both loved it. 

The next day was the library booksale and business expo.  After spending time at the booksale, where Lilly wreaked havoc and was very loud, I brought her outside (in stroller) while Josh paid.  I rolled her back in to talk to the ladies taking the money and Lilly just started crying and yelling "No book! No book!"  poor girl has boring parents.  Then it was off to the business expo.  We were recognized by a lot of people from the spring business expo that we attended.  Isn't that crazy?  I think it's good networking.

Lilly was mad because her cheap ass boring parents wouldn't pay for her to go on a ride.  Even if she was too small and young for them. 

Then she took a nap and woke up happy.

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