Monday, March 23, 2015

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I realized that if I want to keep up my writing skillz, I have to keep writing.  So here is yet another post.  As you should know, an assertive adult will not read this if they don't care.  Not complain that I talk about myself too much.  And that is a showing of my lack of confidence in what I do and a fear of the unknown, not a comment on any actual person.

Blah blah blah.

WHAT!?  Lilly just put her new colored pencils away in the box they came in!  I am always surprised at how amazing she is.  They aren't all in there and I think she stuck them in through the window, not the top of the box.  She also tried to eat the red and blue ones.

The Fremont Cinemas is holding a Super Fantasy Festival in May.  Costumes encouraged.  There are only 110 tickets, so I called today to get information.  It's two days, but we can only financially and timewise afford one day. Yet, we can't buy the tickets because the schedule is not posted on the website.  One of the activities listed is a Magic The Gathering Card Game Tournament, or just Magic Tournament if you play.  That's definitely what Josh and I want to do, so I called them up to see what day it is and what the rules are.  There are several types of tournaments.  Well, turns out, I'm much more nerdy than the kids working there and probably helping out with the Fantasy Fest.  The first girl didn't know much about it at all.  No big deal.  I knew I was asking picky questions.  I wanted to know if it was a draft tournament, or if we brought our own cards.  We bring our own cards.  Then I wanted to know if we can only bring cards from the last/current set.  No...we can bring any cards we want to "do battle".  How I wish all of you played Magic, so you would understand the full impact of that sentence.  One, I do not "do battle", I dominate!  Once you see me, you might as well go home.  Second, this can't be an official tournament (you can get nationally ranked, etc. b/c they do track official tournaments all over the country/world(?)).  By saying you can bring any cards, people are not truly playing on a fair and same playing field.  Josh and I would kick butts of anyone knew to the game as we've been collecting for over 10 years...we've got all the sweet cards and can build tournament illegal decks and use cards that are generally band from play because they are too good.  Many of our Magic friends would kick our butts because they put money into buying the extra awesome cards to build impossible to beat Mill Decks.  Or cat decks, or vampire decks.  Someday I'm going to build a rat deck.  It's just going to be Mana and rats.  Chittering Rats.  Mwa HA HA HA!  That's totally not can't have more than 4 of the same type of card in your deck.  Lands don't count.

Soooo...I hope there's money to be won at this tournament.  I have a kick ass green deck.  Or maybe I should bring Ack Attack...a red and white deck that rules the same way Ackbar does.

Finally, I asked on my phone call when the schedule would be posted online.  I was told it probably already was. *Eye Roll*  As a magic nerd, phone calls and personal interaction is not my strong point.  Of course I checked out the website first...if it was all there as it should be, I wouldn't have needed to call them.

Next order of business is to figure out which fantasy figure Josh and I will dress up as.

Uh oh.  Lilly has her boots on and her mittens and her coat and hat are by her feet.  I suspect it's time to go outside.

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