Saturday, March 21, 2015

My Head Has A Fin, I Am A Shark. A Land Shark.

Okay.  Yesterday was Josh's first day off for the weekend.  The plan was to stay home and clean and play with Lilly and maybe get a project done.  Maybe.  Then, before I even properly woke up, only because it was my day to sleep in, I got three texts.  From my mom.  I of course did not know this until I did wake up and check.  But the dinging did help me wake up sooner than later.  Who's texting me????  Her computer got a virus and is super old, like 7 years old with Vista still.  To me, this virus was a good thing.  Too her, not so much.  We went over there so Josh could clear out the millions of programs the virus installed the day before, slowing down their internet and using up there data.  That's the worst of all the things you could do in that house.  Even worse than putting a cup on the harvest table.  Even worse than walking through the house with muddy shoes on.  Even worse than using up the hot water before I shower.

Josh fixed it up so that the computer is usable until her new one arrives! Yes, he also helped pick out and order my mom a new computer.  He even remembered to have my dad google for discount codes ( is best for this) and got 15% off the order.  I love surprise saving money.

Lilly loved going over there.  We went for a walk to the mailbox.  She rode in the wagon out there and then walked the 1/2 mile back all on her own.  She is a busy little girl!  She helped me fill out my March Madness Bracket and she chased Ackbar around a little bit.  But then he went outside because he is not a fan of high pitched children.  Oh, and I helped by filling out my mom's form for Publisher's Clearing House.  I've been doing that since I was capable of filling out forms.

In the evening, Josh and Lilly and I dressed up nicely and toured the Fremont Business Expo.  We went in the evening in hopes that it would be less busy compared to today.  I think we made the right choice.  Josh and I like to sit and talk to every booth and learn about what they are selling and get their free stuff.  We scored a magnet chip clip bag, stickers for the new Fremont Brewery called Brew Works of Fremont.  They have a silhouette of the farm co-op as their picture.  I love it.  I signed up to volunteer with the Historical Museum and got the ladies at the booth to like me.  A lot.  They had this weird old thing and the game was to guess what it was.  It says Vul-Kit on it, so that's what I said it was.  Duh.  They thought it was Hilarious.  Josh got the ladies at the Sprint Booth to love him and he also succeeded at the bank and insurance places too.  Basically where ever there were women because they love him.  I just realized he was holding Lilly too.  It's a deadly combination.

 I was ignored at the recycling booth and the Smart Energy booth too.  The two booths I was most interested in chatting at. I was judged and deemed not really interested or knowledgable.  I was engaged at the Sprout Lab booth, and the lady was really excited to talk to me about it.  They are a non-profit (I THINK) from GVSU, that works with start up businesses and helping entrepreneurs get started.  She was happy that I read about them in the paper and had an active interest in it.  There were two or three Amish booths selling farming equipment and metal roofing.  I like seeing the Amish being involved in the community.  They should be...they make up much of the community.  All of the shopping areas (even Walmart) have special areas for them to tie up their buggies.

I want to discuss the Smart Energy Booth.  The guy is just starting up the business, and when I asked what sort of info would I get if I put my email on the list, he couldn't really answer that because he hadn't thought it fully through yet.  He does wind, solar, energy audits, LED lighting and other green energy stuff, everything I researched and worked with at my old job.  Anyways, he had no use for a person who looked like me, so I moved on.  When were leaving, I saw his truck in the parking lot...I knew it was his because it had SMART ENERGY written on the side.  It was his work truck to represent his brand of Green Energy Selling.  It was a giant truck on lifts with great big exhaust things that stuck up behind the cab.  That vehicle is the least green environmental vehicle I've ever seen!  I don't understand.  Does he or does he not stand behind what he is selling?  It was an obnoxious tricked out truck that you would dislike anyways, and then it says Smart Energy on the side!  It seems like an oxymoron to me.

I saw only one person I knew.  She used to work at the school when I was in high school.  I wasn't going to say anything because I never had her as a teacher, I was just kinda friends with her daughters (both in different grades than me).  She looked at me, said "Oh hi! One of my former students." then ran away from me.  Ugh.  I wish we had just mutually not acknowledged each other.  I was not a former student, and if I did talk to her, I would have only wanted to know about her daughters and not talk about myself.  So, once again, my reaction was judged and shut down before I had a chance to make my own choice.  It's irritating, but I'm not taking it personally.  I didn't want to make chitchat as badly as she didn't want to, too.

Today Lilly got mad because she couldn't get a sock to fit on her head like a hat.  She loves hats.  I put the toilet paper roll cozy on her head instead.

Trout Steak Revival (best bluegrass band ever) will be at Founder's on April 11.  See you there or you be square.  I just got my Kickstarter gift of hat, shirt, cd, and sweet poster!  I hung that baby up immediately.  And yes they are awesome, and I am friends with all the members!  I use the word friends loosely.  :)  I have met and post show partied with them far more than once though, in Denver, dressed as a land shark.

Which made me realize, I've spent two of my Halloweens in Denver!  It's my favorite inland city.

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