Monday, February 23, 2015

Slow Flooding

What a Monday.

It's only 10:00am.  And it just keeps getting messier.  All I want to do is clean the house, because it's dirty and messy.

Before 8:30, Lilly had two melt downs because she is not a baby any more.  She is closer to 2 yrs old than 1yr old.  I think one was because she was hungry?  I'm not sure.  I was offering her all the food she likes, including a donut piece.  There was no making her happy or getting her off the floor.  Then 20 min later she had a melt down because I kicked her out of the bathroom.  Because the toilet was overflowing everywhere and she wanted to walk in it.

And it's -15 degrees out.

She's dirty too because she's terrified of sitting in the bath.  Terrified.  Will not sit down.  Will not bath.  We think because she poops in the tub a lot and it scares her.  She is afraid of pooping in the tub so she won't take a bath.

So this morning I showed her where the poop goes, with example.  Just a normal one.  Not a giant freaky toilet plugging one.  She flushed the toilet herself and it worked, for the first time.  So, she just held the handle down for a long time and the toilet drained very very slowly.  So we had to wait to flush it again.  Which caused her to cry.  Then we flushed it again and it sorta went down slowly and was gone.  No big deal.  So I got out the plunger to be safe, only it's a stupid plunger that won't get a suction formed.  It came with the house, fyi.   I flushed it again, because that's my personal fault.  I can't stop flushing, even when I should.  And it wouldn't go down!  It overflowed...luckly just clean water, because as I said, the toilet was empty.  This was not a repeat of the incident when I failed to flush the kitty litter down right and kitty litter poop overflowed.  Thank goodness.

Now why won't the toilet flush? Was it because Lilly held the handle down too long? Is it because it did just plug it up?  Is it because it's -15 out and there is ice/clog somewhere in the line?  Is it because the line is just plain clogged?  The other day the shower didn't drain fast and that is not normal.  Normally it drains fast and normal like.  I know because it's the first place I've lived where it does that.  I know because I cut my hair short to prevent a slow bathtub drain.  I know because we have a hair trap too.  But for no reason I can discern, the tub drained slow.  And a few weeks ago the basement drain was backing up when the washer drained out too.  So, now I'm afraid to shower/wash laundry/flush the toilet.

Good good.  This helps with the whole cleaning the house thing.  Not.

Then, while I was doing the dishes, I thought Lilly was being a good girl.  I should have known better.  She found a green permanent marker I had left on the table and colored her face and the table.
Good, more to clean.  Luckly, she didn't open the hand lotion she was shaking up when I did find her.

Two weeks ago, I went in to our insurance agent, State Farm with Betty Mousal, and I had to talk to Betty herself.  I was nervous because I got the feeling from all her employees that people try not to talk to her.  But, our renters insurance does not cover flooding and I want flood insurance b/c of backing up drains!  So, the only way to get that I was told was through getting actual flood insurance.  Only the only person who can talk to me about that is Betty.  So I made the appointment.  I went in, and she judged me!  She gave me a dirty look b/c I was trying to get flood insurance for a problem that I know is there.  I should, apparently, have it fixed...not try to get insurance.  And flood insurance does not cover backed up drains, the flood has to come from three sources.  That was the first 5 minutes.  Then she spent the next 45 min ignoring my polite declines for life insurance and gave me the hard sell on it.  I DON"T WANT LIFE INSURANCE AND I DON"T WANT TO LISTEN TO YOU TRY TO SELL IT TO ME BASED SOLELY ON THE ONE FACT THAT I AM A STAY AT HOME MOM!  Especially since Josh has it through his work.  She tried to play off her percieved notion that I'm super worried about what will happen to me or my family if Josh or I were to die.  I'm not worried.  I'll figure it out.  Also, I do not need 350,000$ of coverage, which is what she was trying to sell me.  And everytime I would say no thanks, she would just stair at me for a while and then try a new tactic.  I'm pissed.   I have no control of my sewer lines....I'm renting!  Isn't that what renter's insurance is for?  Next, I didn't have time to go to walmart with my family after that because she wasted it all.  I am taking my business elsewhere.  That's how much she pissed me off.

And I'm not covered for flood insurance and my house is slowly flooding.

And Josh has to work 7 days in a row this week.

I'm now going to go mop the bathroom floor.

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