Saturday, February 14, 2015

Where I Realize That I Have A Table Problem

Today is a snow day.   Normally, I like the excuse to bunker down and watch tv and not work (just because I don't go to school doesn't mean I don't get snow days off! And same goes for it being Saturday).  Today though, is also Valentine's Day and Josh is working.  Lilly and I had plans to go to the library and do Valentine's Day crafts.  V.Day crafts are my favorite!  All the pink and white and the hearts!  You get to make cute things to give to those you love.  Even though we live walking distance from the library, the car is under 6 inches of snow, the streets are slippery, and it's getting to be under 10 degrees.  I'm not shoveling that.  I'm not bringing Lilly out in that.  And it's a bummer.

The good news?  Lilly has been coloring non-stop on pink paper to make Valentine's Day cards with and I have lots of decorative hearts and pink and white paper.  Today we will make cards and prepare to mail them out.

Her new tv show she asks to watch is The Magic School Bus!  She loves vehicles of all types and calls them Cars.  She asks to watch the Car show.  (We don't actually watch the Disney Cars show though).  I drew a school bus when we were coloring together and she totally figured out that it was the Magic School Bus.  She pointed at the tv and laughed.

Now, I've been thinking lately, about many things.  One is about how easy it is to portray your life as good and better and perfect on the internets.  That's why you shouldn't compare their life with the lives of others, because you are comparing all of your faults and bad days with the only the best of what you see of others.  It's not really fair to yourself.

Well, I just know y'all think I live a charmed, wonderful, amazing, exciting life.  And it's true, I do. But it is not perfect.

Here is a list of imperfections of my life (yet doesn't touch on any actual problems, because, Duh! this is the internet.)
1.  There is a bag of dirty diapers buried by the current blizzard outside my back door.  I never got around to bringing it the rest of the way to the dumpster.
2.  A few hours ago, I added a bag of kitchen garbage to the growing pile.
3.  There are overly old leftovers in my fridge.
4.  I do not own enough chairs to invite people over for dinner, and if I did, where would I put them?
5.  I am out of clothes to put on.  But they are all clean.  I wash clothes great.  I do not fold them.  All of our clothes are piled up on  a table in the basement, and it's too cold to get them.
6.  I made poison stink cheese in a sippy cup by leaving it filled with milk hidden on the floor for more than a day.
7.  We have not completely unpacked nor brought every box over to our house from my parents yet.  But, in my defense, winter is here and it's hard to move stuff in a truck in the winter.  Again with that darn cold and snow excuse.  Also, it's just books that we have left there.  And the bookshelf.  And my coffee table.  We have too many coffee tables now.  Three chairs and four coffee tables.  Something is wrong with that.
8.  I have three dinner tables too.
9.  and one ottoman/foot stool.  Side note:  This opens up and has a secret storage box inside.  We don't show lilly because it is filled with some of our games.  This has led to her having the idea that the game Sequence Dice is hers because she's always around when I want to put it away, and I can't because she CANNOT see me open the footstool.
10.  I have three filing cabinets now...and none are working well.  One has a broken handle, one is out in the garage and cold, and the one I want to open just won't open!  It's filled with rocks and geology books (I think) and it's heavy as hell and I think the move caused the rocks to jam up the drawer so it won't open.  I want my geology books!!  I need to recreate a scene from the Big Bang Theory for my brother.
11.  I don't know where half of my stuff is.  I only know where baby stuff is.  I packed all my stuff up over a year ago, and didn't look at it for a year.  Then I unpack it, go SHIZA I didn't know I owned this *Holds up a jiggly pig marde gras necklace*  Then I put it into a pile to be repacked into a different box.  I have a box of maternity clothes, a box of summer clothes, a box of work clothes (unopened from the move), a box of coats and MORE TOWELS in the garage that hasn't been washed from the move yet (moldy).  And I want to make a box of dress up clothes and a box of clothes for Lilly/kids in the future.

So, I did not put the jiggly pig in a new box.  I hung it up to admire it.

And my final imperfection that I'm actually embarrassed about:

12.  Lilly is watching tv more than the allotted (by who I dont' know...probably THEY) two hours of screen time today.  And she's not even two yet.  THEY says kids shouldn't watch tv until they are two.

Blame the snow.

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