Friday, August 2, 2013

Elvis and Driving

Well well well.

I just realized a lot of interesting things have happened lately, and they have all slipped my mind for a while. 

First off, a few weeks ago, Lilly had her hearing test done, and she passed with flying colors.  I knew she would.  We had to go to the Children's Hospital to get it done.  I was pretty excited because I haven't been in that building yet, and a lot of Vandy's money goes to the Children's Hospital.  It's really pretty and child friendly.  There are volunteers that go around and give out crayons and coloring book pages to kids to keep them occupied.  It's cheerful and sorta carnival themed and they have great dinosaur paintings on the walls. 

I really enjoy looking at the decor and buildings built by people who had enough money to not only hire a professional to create a working theme, but to then pay to have it done, no expense spared...Jurassic Park style.  ("No expense spared" is a quote from the grandpa man who built Jurassic Park).  The list of buildings I've seen include the Monsanto seed transformation laboratory in Connecticut, the Tribal casinos, and Vanderbilt hospitals. 

So, on to the interesting part.  We were in the waiting room playing with Lilly waiting for the nurse to call us.  An 8 yr old girl walked out and stood waiting for the nurse and her parents.  She was dressed in a loud gaudy outfit.  It was all American Flag stuff, had lots of sequins, was quality looking (so it wasn't cheap) and had matching cowgirl boots.  It was an impressive outfit, even if I didn't particularly care for it.  I wondered why she was dressed that way for the doctors office and I wondered for a second what her mom looked like.  I must admit, I imagined someone from the People of Walmart website.  And then do you know who walked out?  A 6 foot tall Elvis impersonator!  Her dad brought her to the hospital and her dad also looks like Elvis.  That's what I get for passively judging people I haven't even seen yet!

Another interesting story?  When Josh and I first drove Lilly home from the hospital, it was raining...we saw 3 accidents on the way.  (Side note:  My parents couldn't believe that there were THREE ACCIDENTS. Heh.  There are three in this city everyday at rush hour, and you only hope it's not in your path.  I think they were more shocked at the fact that it was just raining, not even hard and people couldn't drive.)  Anyways, I tend to avoid driving in the rain here like you would avoid driving in the snow up north.  Only if you have to.  So, we pull into the driveway of our apartment complex and first thing is the large hill the curves at the top, and just at the apex of the hill are two of the world's worst placed speed bumps.  The guy behind us decided we were driving too slow (which was faster than many of the people I've followed in IMHO) and passed us on that hill, just to slow down to a stop to go over the speed bumps.  And there were only three accidents...

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