Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ackbar Has Important Directions

To my surprise, one of the hardest things of having a baby is how hard it is to type and use a computer!  I have never used my phone so much for the internet until now.  The best surprising thing (besides Lil's herself) is how much easier it is to sit around in a bra and underwear all day.  Loving it!  Also, finally, an excuse to not wear deodorant!  I'm super healthy armpit chemicals.  I do stink though. excuse to not shower!  It's like my whole life was a just a practice for having a baby.

Contrary to advice from everyone and all books and the house has never been more well kept!  I'm caught up on laundry, the dishes are almost always done (or there is only one days worth...not three piled up!)  I vacuumed yesterday and realized how easy it was...I'll put it into my weekly rotation of chores.  Next is the bathroom and litter...that's the dirtiest part and my least favorite. 

Also, I'm packing up everything in our apartment because we are moving in three or four weeks.  Time...on the other hand...not something I keep track of well anymore.  Housework, yes...days of the week, no.  I will let you all know on FB later this week where we are moving too.  Is it to a sweet house we purchased in Nashvegas?  Is it out to the desert in Arizona?  Nevada?  Did we decide to become foodies in California?  Did we embrace our hipster selves and rent a studio apartment in Portland?  Did we buy a fifthwheel and tow it with my truck across the country going from Renaissance Festival to Renaissance Festival with Ackbar and a recently acquired collection of trick falcons?  Or will we do the typical Millenial Generation thing and move back in with my parents?  Only time will tell.

(PS if you know already, please keep it on the DL (Down Low) Thanks!)

I'm also spending a lot of time on the couch in the family room.  It gives me a perfect vantage point of Ackbar, who spends an equal amount of time in his baby bath bed.  It's big, blue and plastic, a hand-me-down from a coworker, and he LOVES it.

 I have spent several days observing him in it.  He sleeps facing that direction and he cleans himself facing the other direction.  I'm taking it as a sign of intelligence.  You can also tell if he's peeing or pooping in his litter based on what direction he's facing.

Oh, yeah, how is Ackbar doing with a new baby?  He's slowly warming up to her.  He's started to walk on me and visit me (ask me for food) while I'm holding her this week.  He sniffs her tentatively.  And when she cries a lot, he pretends to sleep while staring at us accusingly with slit eyes.  But, overall, his life has improved.  He has his catbath bed now AND he recently acquired a play mat that is foam covered in plastic (think one year old gymnastic pad thing).  It is soft, yet fuzzy and cool.  It also doesn't hold on to cat hair.  Neither of these things can be burned either!  We have a bad habit of burning all the things Ackbar loves in our fireplace.  He should stop loving firewood and paper though...and cardboard boxes.

Fast forward eight hours...that's how long it took me to get this far.  And now, looking back, I want to make it clear that life is averaging good for me, but each individual moment/day is not.  Today was a bad day actually.  Lillykins would not stop crying and did not want to be put down, and all I wanted to do was put her down.  I did not get my house work done until Josh got home and held her for me.  Do you know what else she did?  I put her in a reusable diaper with the new plastic covers we got, and I think she peed in it.  I don't know if it was pee or sweat.  But the point was to let her air out. I changed her and the second she got a disposable diaper on, she pooped lots of giant poops.  It's what she enjoys the most, pooping in a fresh diaper.

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