Sunday, August 4, 2013

Where am I moving?

I have put in my two weeks at work and worked all of that stuff out.  I can now safely announce to you, internet, where Josh and I are moving to!  We are moving back home!!!!  Besides our close friends here (you know who you are), there is nothing attaching us to Nashville.  I've done the big city thing, and I have completed this set of goals in my life.  It's really frustrating because I will really miss our friends here, but I can't raise a child in Tennessee.  For many reasons, one being the governments desire to have guns in parks.  Another is that our family is not here.  I need my family and my family needs me.  My best friend's mother is battling cancer, and I want to be there to support them.  And selfishly, I need tall hardwood trees, cooler camping and bonfire weather, and lakes.  There are also less spiders in Michigan.

Oh, we will be moved before the end of August!  two weeks? Three weeks? Something like that.  I've been packing for months.  One box a day.

Okay, I guess I better announce exactly where in Michigan we are moving. Yes, yes, we are doing the "Typical Millenial Generational thing" and moving back in with my parents. :/  It will only be until Josh gets a job though and hopefully no more than a month.  I can't believe, personally, that somehow my life includes, having a baby, quitting my job, and moving across the country with no job or housing in place.  Not only that, but I'm leaving a city that was barely, if not at all, affected by the Great Recession, to the state most affected by it.  It's like I'm doing everything opposite of what a responsible person would do.  It's going to be a great adventure!  That's also crazy...I'm super excited for it, not stressed out or worried at all.  In fact, I haven't been this happy in years and years and years...since I've moved down here, really.

I have a theory though, that Lilly causes my body to produce a happiness hormone in me like a drug.  I'm terribly addicted to her.

Today Lilly slept a lot and I was able to make coffee!  Now I'm all caffiened up and no one to talk to!  I clearly didn't think that one through.  I love listing the stuff I've done I realized.  I think because I just feel so accomplished and it's a way of positively acknowledging myself of my good job.  

So, good job self for paying the bills!  For finishing packing the medicines in the house.  For doing the dishes (heh, that was easy...there were only 3 bowls and 5 spoons).  For starting one load of laundry and completing the drying of another load.  Extra good job for feeding and changing Lilly and for helping her feel safe and secure and getting her to sleep.  Also good job for burping her. 

Burping Lilly is one of my favorite things to do.

I think I'm going to run to babies r us, either with Josh or without, when he gets home.  It's tax free weekend for school supplies which includes diapers and that store also has several good diaper sales going on.

Lilly's favorite albums right now are Neko Case and Bob Marley.  She has excellent taste.

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Ryan Lakanen said...

You could have called me! :)

I will miss having you guys closer, though... :)