Friday, November 9, 2012

Procrastinating is the Best on Fridays

Happy Friday once again.

I am currently procrastinating a phone call to a man who shares a name with my Dad but is one million times more confusing.  He doesn't only talk backwards, but leaves out important words and says he's calling about form FS4 something, but he can't remember.  Like I know off the top of my head what that form is.

I filled out a personal health report with my insurance, and they will send me $25 for it.  Josh gets $25 once he does it too.  I suppose we should put it towards something healthy....groceries?  How much will health insurance cost under Obamacare?  I hope it's less than $#000 a year.  That's what I'm paying and Josh hasn't gone to the doctor at all!! Why am I paying that much to cover him if he won't take care of himself?  Goodness.  The personal health care plan made me angry because all it did was help me organize and list what I already knew: I'm over weight, I don't work out enough and my stress levels are off the charts.  Duhr.  $25 for reminding me of what's wrong with me.

When I voted there was a mom and her very nice son with her.  He had just turned 18 two weeks ago, and she was soooooo proud of him voting.  He held both sets of doors open for her and me because that's what his momma taught him to do.  It was one of the first times I didn't feel weak because a male had to hold the door for me.  It may be because he was younger than me, not older.  His mom waited in line with him and took a picture of him behind the voting console.  Not in a creepy illigal way, no.  In a proud parent way.

I must complain here.  I have a lot of complaints and I hope this one seems harmless enough.  If you fall into the category that you are offended by this...well, I guess, that's your problem and you should probably rethink your delivery of words.  But a lot of people I know voted early and when they told me or whoever asked them about it that they did, it was generally always in a smug I'm-Better-than-you-because-I-avoided-long-lines way.  Yeah...I could have voted early if I wanted, but maybe I like The Line Ride.  Maybe I am expert line rider.  Maybe by voting on voting day, I get to spend more time with interesting people than with your smug ass.  Then on voting day, everyone I talked to who voted in the morning was just as smug as the early voters because "I only had to wait 45 min in line, unlike you who will vote in the evening."  Riiiiiiiiight.  See, what upsets me the most is because everyone lacked the knowledge and respect I deserve for being smarter than all of them combined.  I knew I get 1 hr off work to vote and I knew most people may too, and will get there between 3:45 and 5:00.  I also knew my supervisor was leaving on travel at noon.  So I left 1.5 hrs early and got in line (third in line mind you, after the mom and her son) at 3:30.  I waited 5 minutes.  I didn't wake up early, I didn't early vote, and I don't care when anyone else voted, so long as they voted.

It all went according to my plan and I'm pissy at everyone who assumed I didn't have a plan just because I didn't talk about it. 

I have taken up painting with water colors as a hobby. I should scan them in for you.  I'll put that on my list of other should do stuff.  I'm sure it'll happen right away.  So far I have painted Ackbar in a dream of tuna and grass, a colorful fish, and a dragon fly as if in an alchemy notebook.  I'm really enjoying it, even though I get nervous.  I never really know what to paint and I don't ever know if I'm doing it in the best way possible.  Am I using the best paints of the paints I own? Am I mixing them correctly?  Are the brushes I'm using actually water color brushes? What makes a brush a good brush for water color?  Am I caring for them right? Does it matter if I take extreme good care of them or not? I mean, I did get both sets I'm using for free.  Am I painting right?  Am I using the best technique? Am I using too many colors? I love to use all of the colors, but then I feel like all of my paintings look the same and overly busy.  I use a little plastic lid as my water brush rinser b/c it fits in this awesome portable painting kit thing Josh's mom made me.  Yesterday Ackbar laid half in the water while watching me paint.  And completely on my paint color mixer lid.  It was very annoying.  I think he was irritated that I wasn't painting him again.  He's very vain and concerned about his looks, as well as very sensitive.  Physically and emotionally.  Poor guy is going to have a hard life.  Trust me, I know.

Better give that person a call. 


suekimmy said...

You can vote however you want, whenever you want (as long as the booths are open or the absentee ballots are being accepted, of course) and you can paint however you want with whatever medium or tool(s) you want. You have my official permission.

Db said...

Thank you Kimmy! I will remind myself of that next time I get nervous about voting or painting. :D

Ryan Lakanen said...

I have an old Jello Pudding cup for water. It's stained now and looks well-used. :)

Today I used a styrofoam cup to mix together some acrylics 'cause I wanted something bigger than my pallet.

You can do whatever you want! Even if it means getting paint all over yourself. *nod*