Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lists of Grateful and Awesome

A List of Things That I Am Grateful For:

1.  Readily available fresh food, and if not that, readily available cheap food
2.  Taco Bell 1/2 lb. Beef Combo Burritos, volcano tacos, and my newest TB love: The Meximelt
3.  Brussel sprouts
4.  A funny husband (usually)
5.  Parents who try their best (you can't reasonably ask for more)
6.  Ackbar:  A cat who doesn't demand attention most of the time, who only meows some of the time, and is tolerant of all of my cat loving behavior (hugging until his head pops off (not really!))
7.  Such a mild fall, it's nice being able to wear skirts in November
8.  My confidence in myself to participate in No-Shave November and still wear a skirt.  No one should be looking that closely at my legs anyways!
9.  Uni-ball Signo #207 pens with check signing permanent ink.  They are my favorite pens and come in pink.
10.  Firewood for our fireplace
11.  A husband who can vacuum and folds clothes better than I do. (and more often!)
12.  Fresh water available at almost all times
13.  My smart phone...though I hate it most of the time.  I pay for it, I better like it.
14.  The ability to play games on my phone.  It's the only way to calm the nerves on a car ride.
15.  I am thankful to have an income
16.  For friends who enjoy science experiments, even if they show that I have incredibly high blood sugar. (see number 2 on the list)
17.  Actually, I'm grateful that most of taco bell's "meat" is not all meat.  The filler is most likely corn or soy, and so I'd rather be eating that than more mystery meat probably made of cow tongues that, if properly processed, have the tonsils removed.
18.  I am grateful for Pandora
19.  For childhood trips out west.  It's not many people that can say they've driven and seen most of the west and the east, and now the south!  If I may say so, it makes me smarter and more worldly.
20.  For being generally awesome and worldly Pha pha pha, I'm so fancy. (so I have a hard time admitting publicly all the reasons I'm awesome)

New List:  Why I'm Awesome
1.  I do not like ham.  Especially if it is spiralled and honey glazed.  Awesome.
2.  I like cats.  Cats = Awesome = me
3.  Lindy and Lions both start with L, clearly, we should be grouped together in awesomeness catagories.  Also lions are cats.
4.  I can and enjoy wearing heals.  A lot.
5.  I understand the secret of getting dressed and choosing outfits (wear what you are most comfortable in, love it, and then rock it! Simps really)
6.  I have excellent taste in housing decorations.
7.  I am forever trying to improve myself and how I interact with others (i'm not sure if this is awesome or not, I feel that it's what's destroying me, but it is what I do)
8.  I can explain to you exactly how a volcano erupts...heeee which is that we aren't exactly sure how, but here are three possible theories and why some are more feasible than others and that it all depends on which volcano type you are asking about
9.  I read fast
10.  I'm super good at google research.  Like amazing at it.  Sometimes I wonder how other people can accomplish or know anything because they can't do such simple things like Google searching something, skim it, and then choose the best articles present.  Maybe I should do a post on that?

Well, 10 things was hard to do.  I feel this is long enough.

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