Monday, November 5, 2012

Muffins and Such

I think this is the third blog post that I've started and not posted or saved.  I just don't have much to say any more.  I have no words left in me at the moment.  Or what I do have is much to negative and angry to talk about.

I went on a photo scavenger hunt this weekend for a friend's birthday.  I was pretty nervous at first because it involves teamwork, problem solving, and driving.  All things I'm not the greatest at.  Well, that's a lie.  I'm an amazing driver.  I just happen to purchase a truck so I don't have to drive people around all the time.  I'd rather help them move.  And that's the truth.

Anyways, I was worried for nothing.  The scavenger hunt was pretty awesome and my team one!! We were trying to get a picture of a sleeping cat with our entire team, but Josh's team made it to our apartment first and woke up Ackbar!  I think Ackbar made out worst in this game because both Josh and I showed up at 5:30, Tuna Time, brought in a bunch of people, ran around acting all weird, and then left without feeding him!  Poor "little" guy.

Home base for the scavenger hunt was womanned by another friend, and she was also in charge of watching the babies.  Afterwards, Josh got to help a 2 yr old organize crayons on the table.  He enjoyed it a lot.  I asked her how old she was and she told me, but I couldn't hear her.  I felt bad because she DID answer, but everyone acted like she didn't, just cause I couldn't hear.

Oh, here is a nice thing that happened.  You know the feeling when you find a 5$ or better yet, a $20, in your winter coat pocket a year later?  Well, I was cleaning out a travel bag that I know longer use, and I found an old check in it from work for $172!!!  Bonus!

Yesterday me and a friend worked together to clean my house.  We take turns helping each other organize our houses on Sundays.  It was great because I got the year old stack of Goodwill stuff finally taken out!  I made banana nut muffins without nuts.  They are just okay because I really love nuts in my banana nut muffins, but I'm now allergic to walnuts and don't stock pecans in my house.  I used a mixture of rice flour, soy flour, ground flax seed, and some tapioca starch to replace wheat flour.  I just "felt" the mixture to figure out what the ratio should be.  Too much rice flour and it would be gritty and fall apart, too much soy and it was be sorta slimy and not "bready" like regular muffins.  Flax seed doesn't do much, so it's more of a bonus, and just a little tapioca starch (table spoon) to help hold it all together so the muffing doesn't crumble.  They turned out pretty good consistency wise.  I might add more rice flour next time and less soy.  The texture is slightly too smooth/slimy.  It's hard to describe a dry muffin as slimy, but that's all I got.

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