Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In Which Coffee Makes Me Manic

It's Holiday Season!!!   I've made my favorite side dish fluff.  Gluten free apply mini muffins are just as delicious as gluten ones!  I have 2 thanksgiving parties this week.  (One is work related).  I'm helping an older couple I know with low mobility to get their newly moved into house ready for the holidays this weekend.  Josh's mom and brother are visiting.  Craft day is Sunday! 

Next week I shall bake at minimum 3 pies and eat at minimum one piece of each.  I'll wake up early and drive to memphis on Friday.  Spend the weekend with the Colombini family.  

Friendsgiving is coming!

The Lions might win!

I want nothing for Christmas unless it was crafted by someone or from a local store.  No target, no kohls, no walmart gifts.  Save you money and give me a hug!  I love hugs...unless you are creepy.  Okay, so I'm more particular than most on who I let hug me, but I'm trying!

Ackbar grew special armpit tufts of hair that stick straight out for this season.

And I get to see Demitri Martin on Friday!

Damn, it feels good to be a gangster.

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