Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lazy Weekend

The Gorillaz have come out with a new record!!  Plastic Beach.  There's a new video out for the song Stylo, and as usual, the Gorillaz have not only read my mind, but have read my soul.  Not only is it a Gorillaz song, not only is it dark and hopeless, but it also contains Bruce Willis driving a red El Camino, and he is bad ass

This weekend turned out to be a lazy weekend.  I had hoped to go to Cedar's of Lebanon and do some hiking, but like I said it was a lazy weekend.  Friday night we were watching a movie off the internet that Josh picked out.  I was really hoping he was going to pick Law and Order, but he picked Thunderbolt with a younger Jackie Chan.  Generally I would love a Jackie Chan movie, but this one was about car racing and that doesn't interest me so much.  Luckily (not really) Josh's computer stopped working in the middle of it and I didn't have to watch the whole thing.

Today one of our new IT friends helped Josh fix it.  All that had happened was the power cord had blown out, so it was easily and cheaply fixed.

Yesterday around 9:30 or 10:00 Josh was on the phone with a high school friend discussing his computer problems and I was reading.  Then I got really tired and my eyes closed and my head fell to the side.  I decided I would stay like that and pretend I was asleep and then when Josh got off the phone he would come over and wake me up to tell me about the phone call and I was go "Surprise" and grab him quick because I wasn't really asleep.  Then it was 2 hours later....   Josh never came over because, duh, I was asleep, and we all know it's bad news to wake me up if I don't want to be.  I sat up and was like, Josh ...  What's going on?  And Josh was like, you've been asleep for hours.  I told him, no I was just pretending. 

Great recap.

We  then went to another friend's house for a game night where I preceded to fall asleep with my eyes open, but just for 4 minutes or so.  Then we played Trivial Pursuit Millennium Addition.  This was the most fun I've ever had playing this game.  Josh and I were able to answer so many questions right!!!  I think it's because we grew up during the time period that most of the questions focused on, and that Josh had just taken 2 history questions.

I watched America's Taste Kitchen or something, and I learned how to make chew chocolate chip cookies.  I melted 10 tablespoons of  butter and browned it on the stove.  Then I poured it into a bowl and added 4 more tablespoons of butter.  Then I dissolved the brown and white sugars into it and added the other ingredients.  They turned out damn good for the type of chocolate chip cookies they were, but I prefer my chocolate chip cookies to have oatmeal in them and to be thicker and not so sugary.

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