Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Last Sunday evening/night I was driving home from my friends apartment.  They live maybe a mile or two away by back roads!  This really makes me happy because it is also one of the most beautiful back road I've ever driven on.  It's is very narrow, with hills and twisty curves.  There is also zero shoulder and the woods grows right up to the side of the road and has to be cut flat, so it looks like a giant leafy wall.  The locals see no reason to go slow on this road. When I say locals I mean the impatient crazies that can't afford to live anywhere else, not the locals who live in the giant old school mansions that populate this back road.

So I was heading home, and up in front of me was the moon!  It was a perfect crescent shape, the same as when you stereotype the moon shape so that everyone knows what it is.  It was also glowing pure white.  The truly amazing part was that it was HUGE!  A normal moon is the size of dime, this one was the size of a half dollar or larger.

I only saw it for a second before it slipped farther behind the trees, and I wasn't even sure it was the moon.  After a while I doubted what I saw and thought maybe it was a porch light.  That moment I saw it though, it was like I was in a Neil Giamen story, like Neverwhere.  There were definitely fairies and redcaps about.

The whole rest of the way home I drove slowly sure I would see the moon again after the next turn.  I even drove past my apartment complex and down to the gas stations to see if I could see it down there.  But I couldn't.  I was a little sad because like I said, I wasn't positive it was the moon.

Monday I was driving home from East Nashville around 10 o'clock from visiting some other friends...and I came upon the view of downtown Nashville with it's bar lights and the tall Batman building and there it was!!!!  The GIANT crescent moon!!!  I got to look at it all I wanted until I went down a hill and it slipped behind the Nashville Skyline.  And get this...War Pigs was playing!!!  It's only one of my favorite bad ass songs to listen to while I drive my truck!  It was one of the most beautiful and perfect moments I've experienced in a very long time.

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