Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lazy Saturday

What a Saturday.  I've been feeling nauseous pretty bad all week, and today I was mostly better, but I'm still trying to take it slow. Heh.

I recently got a prescription for a sleeping medication, but I'm not so sure how much I like it.  I mean, I like sleeping and all, but it pretty much ruins me for the whole next day.  Even if I take half a pill, which I did last night.  I fell asleep instantly and didn't wake up until morning and according to Josh I didn't move at all all night, but snored a little bit.  Cute ones.  So I got up and fed Ackbar and I swear to you the stove said 9:20.  I went and woke Josh up and laid in bed a for a while because it was so comfy.  He got up, shaved, got ready for the day, and then I got back out of bed.  We lazily made cereal and ate it.  Then we puttered around the house for a bit.  Then we looked at the clock and it was 9:35.  I kid you not.  Either I'm going crazy or when we think we are moving slowly we are really moving at warp speed, and when we move quickly we are really moving at a snails pace.  So we gained several hours to our day.

Josh had to run an errand in Murfreesboro, so I went with him so we could stop at the JC Penny's there because I had a gift card from Christmas.  We went in (avoiding the rest of the mall) and turns out JC Penny was having a doorbuster sale that ended at 1:00!!  Good thing we move at warp speed right?  So I was able to get a new pair of work pants, grey corduroy, that fit me p.e.r.f.e.c.t.l.y.  I'm skinny skinny in them.  I also got a red and grey Aaaaarrrgyle sweater to go with them.  Then I saw this was dark plum coduroy, and it was exactly what I've been looking for for weeks now. It was all on super sale and I saved 66$ and with the gift card it was exactly in our price range.  But all of this isn't even the amazing part.  The amazing part is that I accidentally stumbled into the petite section, and all of these clothes are petite!!!

It was a very sunny warm day, upper 80's I think, so we had the windows in Josh's car open and the sun was shinning in.  I am almost positive, due to several experiments, but the warm sunshine activates the sleeping pill during the day.  I get huge yawns that hurt they are so huge and I get a little sick feeling if I don't lay down and take a nap in the sunshine. So the entire time we drove around I had the seat back and was just laying there relaxing and watching the tops of trees, signs, and light posts from the windows.  Following, I cannot tell you when the last time was that I was that relaxed.  I used to lay back and watch the scenery in the sky in cars a lot when I was little, but haven't in forever.

We ate lunch at this restaurant that looked to be (from the inside and the outside) one of the most fanciest places I've been to in a long long time.  Josh promised me that they had an amazing blue cheese dip, that he read about in his school's paper, and I've been craving blue cheese.  Well, it wasn't a blue cheese dip, but it was just as amazing.  The waiter described it as spinach dip on steroids, and he was right.  For 5$ we got enough spinach dip appetizer for 4 or 5 people easy...  meaning, it was a much larger portion for what we paid than we were expecting.  Then for being so fancy, the lunch sandwich prices were very reasonable...and those portions were HUGE too.  I got a side of broccoli (for health and b/c my sandwich was mostly a cheese log), and the bowl of broccoli was easily twice as big as I was expecting.  Josh says it's because Murfreesboro is a college town not full of rich kids.  They wouldn't get any customers if they priced it higher....unlike Nashville restaurants.

We sat at a table where one side was a booth and one side was chairs, and I thought Josh was going to sit in the chairs, and we accidentally both sat in the booth at the same time, so we sat next to each other and watched the going on's in front of us.  Which wasn't much, there was no one else eating in that section.  But we did see a server clearing off a table outside and when coming in he dropped and broke a glass.  Then the hostess was cleaning the door to the outside there and he flirted with her.  Then another couple came in and they were going to be seated in a middle table, but they chose to sit next to each other in a booth/chair table directly across from Josh and I.  So we were all sitting there staring at each other.  But not for too long, because we soon left.

We got home at 1:30 and both fell asleep.  Next thing I know it's 5:00.  Yes, a 3.5 hr nap.  I woke up, rolled over and realized my arm left itself behind.  I grabbed it and shook it and my hand wobbled.  I could feel nothing in that hand and I almost freaked out because I thought it had died.  The weird part was that it barely tingled at all like it was asleep as I was regaining feeling in it.

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