Monday, August 1, 2016

What I Want: No Sugar In My Lattes

I can't stop spending money!  So far though, it's just all in my mind.  The stuff I have bought is actual stuff we need.  Like diapers, wipes, new baby face rags, and to replace sippy cup washing things.  What I want is super sweet electronic stuff that will connect to any smart if I had a smart light, if I flipped the thing over, it would turn on the light.  Then if I shook it, it would shut my garage door.  Or whatever I want b/c I am the one who programs it. 

I want a filofax planner.  But if you give me a filofax, I'm going to want a lazer jet printer so I can print out all of my planner refill pages.  And I'm going to want a sweet special pen to go in it.  Because they come with an elastic pen holder sewed onto the planner.  Filofaxes are european and there are tons and tons of blogs and debates about them all.  Oh, and as I am smart, I plan on buying pre-designed page inserts off of etsy to print off at my own home.  Cause designing that shit is hard as hell if you don't have the right programs.  Which I don't.  Nor do I have the time.  I know this b/c as mentioned above, I am smart.

What else do I want?  Well, I always want a Fossil bag.  Always.  I have one now, used, from a yard sale.  Best purse of my life.  Not even joking.  The magnet on top is so strong sometimes my keys stick to it.  BONUS!  Cause then it's super easy to find my keys in the giant bag.  It is very large and holds a lot, but is built in a way that it holds it all and still closes!  And it rests on my shoulder perfectly.  It doesn't slide off.

There is a Biggby Coffee in Fremont now.  I have never been to a Biggby before.  I didn't know it, but today was their first day open.  It was busy, there was a creepy moving manican out front, and balloons all over the floor.  I wanted a double latte and a Shot in the Dark.  Those were not on the wall menu as they are not super sugary extra expensive drinks.  So I thought.  The manager they brought in who knew what they were doing had to help the woman at the counter take my order.  No big deal.  I got my double latte frozen.  Which turns out that means make me ice cream flavored like sugar with a hint of coffee.  Sigh.  It was not a latte mixed blended with ice.  It was sugar blended with milk and ice and a bit of coffee.  I dont' know what happened or how I ordered wrong.  Next time when they are not busy, I'll have a discussion about what I really want and what I need to say in order to get that.  I like my lattes without sugar.  No sugar.  none.    Oh and i got a small cup of donut holes to go with the two mediam (grande) drinks I got.  It came to $10!!!  Hah.  I laughed when she said that.  There may not be a next time.  I also enjoy my nescafe instant coffee Josh gets super cheap from the Gerber Store.  I like it more than the sugar coffee drink I got today.  Also, I think Josh's shot in the dark (one espresso shot mixed with regular coffee) was actually a double shot.  I dont' know how that got ordered.  But it was their first day so I'm not hating. 

Today we go to Lake Michigan!!!

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