Friday, September 12, 2014

House Rules

I have found freedom!  I rent my own house and now I can make all of the rules I want.  So far, I've made one...keep the safety gate to the basement stairs closed even when Lilly is asleep.  I'm finding it difficult to convince the other member of my house to agree to the rule.

But I'd rather have that than live by parents rules!  For the past year, if I wasn't at my parents house, I was at Josh's parents' houses or at my friend's parents' house.  It was like I was in high school all over again, only slightly better.  There was much less concern over drugs, sex, and alcohol. Proper music was still banned though.  And by proper, I mean music I like that sounds like terrible noise to parents.  Like System of a Down and Gorillaz.  A whole year of only listening to them in the car.   Luckily, all said parents, have otherwise excellent taste in just doesn't expand into rap.  And Beck is included in the rap heading.

Our house is small and brick and has two bedrooms and a nice basement.  It's not finished, but someone did live down there at some point, so it's cleaner than most basements.  The biggest selling points was the workshop in the garage, the large all fenced in back yard with nice old beautiful shade trees.  One is a walnut, one is a maple, and one is a birch.  There is a small patio too.  If you know me, you know I don't want neighbors and people up in my grill (business).  But we also needed to live in town so that Josh can get to work no matter what the weather or car state.  Well, to make up for that, the back of the house faces a grassy field that parents park in from 5pm to 8pm while their middle school sons practice football at the old elementary school.  So no neighbors behind us and a large nice playground to walk to!

It's very strange though. I now live in town, on a well known road, and can walk to my friends' house and parents' houses.  I can also walk to the library and the bank.  And on an ambitious walk, I could also walk to Bill's and get donuts!  I can walk to downtown easy.  I probably could walk to Fremont lake too. Heh.  I would walk from one end of Mount Pleasant to the other to go to a party, and MP is larger than Fremont.  So, pretty much, I can walk anywhere.  Not walmart.  I wouldn't walk there.

So what adventures have we had?  Well, first, there is a large dead branch hanging precariously from the maple tree.  Josh doesn't like it up there, but it's too high to pull down.  During the windy stormy day, we sat outside and watched the storm and wind blow across the field.  Josh wouldn't let me sit under the maple tree, where I like to sit because of fear of that branch falling.  So we sat under the birch tree.  The next morning, I got up and looked out, and wouldn't you know, a giant, solid heavy 12 foot long branch fell out of the birch tree and landed directly on my chair.  The other dangley branch did not fall, as hoped.  I leaned the fallen branch up against the corner of the garage as a trophy/warning.  It's to tell people to stay out, we may speak softly, but we carry large sticks.  Also, for feng shui reasons, we needed something on that corner of the garage to block the bad chi flow.

Ackbar has not moved over yet, but he will when we are done.  I hope he adjusts.  Lilly is walking and getting into everything and being generally cute.  She likes the new house, but she likes grandma's house more.  But that's because her wagon is over here and the woods and the food balls in the garden.  And Grandma and Opa too, of course!

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