Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Afternoon

Well well well.

It sure has been a while.  I do miss writing...I compose blog posts all the time in my mind.  I just don't have internet access readily available.  When I do, I'm usually spending the time paying bills or taking care of business.  I have become good at solving problems with out the internet.  This impresses me, because two or three years ago, I would have thought that impossible.  I think it really helps living in my small town filled with an older demographic. All I need to do is ask an older adult who I should see about my question, and they give me the first time, history and if I'm lucky, the name of the business they own, of the person I need to see to solve my problem.

For example, I need to go see Bruce, on Stone south of 48th towards Jo's house, to get my picture framed.  To get my laptop fixed, I went to NCATS, hidden in Baker College at NCRESA, to have an estimate.  They could not fix it. But suggested I go see someone "Grand Rapidsy" to fix it. 

In some ways I just love living in a small town.  Life is so much simpler.

I name dropped my dad, and I got a lead on an apartment, and that afternoon, we put down a deposit and started moving in.  That was in September.  We now have things like a kitchen table, a couch, carpet, and some bookshelves.  No TV or internet yet.  Well....we have my parents old old old tv to hook the N64 up to, but we left our tv at their house so they can watch Survivor.  I hung up a lot of my posters today.  The bathroom is heavy death metal themed.

I remember when I moved into my apartment in Nashville, that had more than 3 rooms.  Now I have two bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom, a kitchen upstairs.  In the basement I have a laundry room, a craft room, a second living room area, a storage cellar and a tool storage area with desk.  We also have a beautiful fenced in backyard with a big maple, birch and walnut trees.  A garage with workshop area in back and a storage shed.  Our backyard faces an old parking lot and trees belonging to the old elementary school next door.  Which still has a playground!  I live right in the city and only have two neighbors!  I love the house because it has been lived in by smart families who took care of it.  There are nails and hooks and light switches in the right places.  There are small things around that make it easier to live there.  The whole place is wired for dsl, cable, and satalite.  LOL!  And we utilize none of it!  You can even get cable in the garage!

Lilly likes it.  Her toys are there.  Ackbar is staying in the woods.  He says he prefers to be a country cat than a city cat.  Plus, Lilly stresses him out.  We visit him on Wednesday's and Sundays.

Lilly is busy growing teeth, walking and running, and making people show her their bellies.  Her favorite book is Peek-a-Who? and her favorite activity is going to stores and getting admired by old ladies and young ladies and all the men.  Really, she likes to go outside and see what sort of water she can find to play in.

Ugh.  My mom ran out of red wine and now I have to drink white.  Bleh.

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