Thursday, August 14, 2014

In Which Everything Goes Wrong and I Use My Brain

Today was another adventure in town.  Turns out Town is always an adventure.  And the last few times it has been very frustrating.  They closed the road from Gerbers to Bills and it is very inconvenient to me.  It separates the library and the bank from the grocery store, pharmacy and walmart.  Instead of going straight through, I have to go through back roads with odd stop signs and lots of other confused drivers.

Compared to going from 100 Oaks Mall/Woman's Health Doctor's Office to Antioch in TN, it's nothing.  There is in total 20 cars I interact with instead of 100.  But one grows accustomed to a certain lifestyle of no cars, roads or traffic jams.

Today I wanted to get new glasses from Walmart, but they would not take my state provided insurance, so I did not get new glasses.  Then I tried to get a hair cut there, but the wait was going to be 45 min, and I didn't want to wait with I got the times that my favorite haircutter is there.  They don't make appointments.  Her name is Stephanie and she gave me the best haircut ever.

Then we left walmart with out buying anything! Win!  When we got to the car I remembered that I had to get two red peppers and a jar of apple cider vinegar for my mom to make pickles.  So that meant another stop to Bills.  (I had already come too far to go back into Walmart).  At Bill's I tried to make small talk with Jess, the bagger girl.  I don't think they actually want/have time for small talk.  Next time I'll just stick to the weather.  Or maybe I'll make up a ridiculous two sentence story to tell them.  Maybe I'll fill my trunk with something FREAKY and then when I open it for them to put the groceries in, they will see it and have something to tell the other baggers.  That's an idea.

Then it was to the Library and then home.  And then I saw a yard sale (due to that stupid detour!) and decided to stop.  It was right in town, by where my friends' grew up and near the high school track.  The yard sale had some very nice furnature for sale.  Antique like, so it was fairly priced and out of my budget.  But they had a nice girls bike there I wanted and a vanity.  Next time.

Lilly was in her stroller, and we walked back to the car, and I found out that it finally happened!  I locked my keys in the car.  I knew it was only a matter of time.  My phone was also in the car.  So I walked to my friend's parents house and went inside.  No one was there.  I accidently let a black panther out (one of their black panther-like twin cats) and had to get him back in.  He rebelled by making his bones turn into jelly and almost slipped out of my hands.  It was worse than carrying Lilly around.  I bet it's the same one who jumped onto my shoulders while I was going to the bathroom there, and I was too pregnant to move or get him off.  I had to call for help.

Then I found another yard sale.  The lady there was using her iPhone, so I asked her to call me a tow truck.  She said she didn't know any towing companies numbers and didn't know where a phone book was.  As she was holding her small, portable, internet machine.  It took a lot for me to be pleasant and work with her at that moment. 

You see, this is another thing I knew would happen, is that I would also lock my phone in my car and I wouldn't know any numbers to call.  Josh was asleep and so was his phone (he's working nights now!) and I don't know my parents cell numbers.  And I thought to myself, who can I call? Who?


That's right.  Memorizing that number has been one of the best uses of my brain in a long time.  And I didn't even have to call 911.  The officer was really nice and a police officer got to my car before I could even walk back!  He got it open for me in less than 5 min.  and I didn't have to pay a tow truck. 

It was actually less stressful for me than remembering that I forgot the vegetables.

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