Friday, June 28, 2013

Doc Martin Trauma

Sometimes people put their hands on my belly and want to feel the baby moving.  She, of course, stops moving instantly.  I'm always happy when she refuses to do what is expected of her, but I'm also stressed at the same time because I want to comply to the person waiting, expecting her to move.

She has more hair than any ultra sound technician has seen.  Do you think that will make her tickle on the way out?

To keep myself busy while lay around, stuck on the couch like a giant manitee or beetle stuck on it's back, I watch Doc Martin on Netflix.  Doc Martin is a BBC show (British Television) about a big city surgeon who moves to a small Cornwall town full of interesting and crazy small town characters.  He becomes the doctor there b/c he's too afraid of blood to continue on as a surgeon.  The best way to describe the show is an hour long, dry comedy/drama remake of the sitcom Becker with Ted Danson.  It's pretty much one of the most  hilarious shows I've ever seen...and it's pretty slow moving, sort of.  There is little emotional wrenching and no cliff hangers.  I find it a very relaxing and safe show to watch.

Until the 3rd episode of season 3.

I should have expected something, there were new characters, some characters had left, and I could tell there were new writers.  Well, Doc Martin has an Aunt who lives in the town, as a farmer.  She is older (70's or so, maybe late 60's?), and never wears makeup and is down to earth and practable.  With a regular older person lumpy body, etc etc.  Short grey frizzy hair there is never kept.  Pretty much the most un-sexy person you have ever seen.  Not ugly, but not attractive in any way.  Well, in one scene a young 20 something painter is offering to paint her because she is so unique and attractive.  Then the next scene is of Doc Martin walking into the house without knocking, and I knew what he was going to walk in on.  But I didn't look away.  Want to know why?  Because they don't show graphic sex scenes on American TV, why would the staunch Brittish do it?  Well they did, and it was horrible.  There she was sitting on the kitchen table and he was going at it.  It was the least glamorous and probably most realistic sex scene ever invented.  It was like walking in on your grandparents getting it on.  UGH.  It was horrible.  I was traumatized and had to look away.  As was Doc Martin.  He almost hit a person with his car he was so traumatized.

Then later in the same episode, Doc Martin backed over the same woman's tiny dog and killed it.  And they showed that too and had horrible sound effects!    Then they showed the tiny dog body mangled under the tire!  I had to look away from that too!

What is wrong with the Brittish!?!?

Of course, they would say the same about me, as to fill in the time between Doc Martin episodes I watch a lot of CSI: Miami...which isn't gory and full of murder at all and weird sex fetishes.


Ryan Lakanen said...

Wayne heard me whimper as I was reading this (I think I was at the dog part) and asked if I was okay. My response: "I've been traumatized by what she was traumatized by..." So... :p

Mommy said...

Yea, I hope the baby tickles you as she comes out, that will be a first.