Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wishing The World Was Equal And Fair

Another blogger I read posted something about guilt and how she feels guilty over having nice things because it's not fair and equal in the world.  She may work less hard than the street cleaner, but she gets to go on vacation?  Thoughts like that.  Sometimes I wonder why I was born so lucky, and at the same time so unlucky!

It is my true complaint about life.  All of my others are just daily complaints that come and go, even the big ones. 

It's not right that I can marry the person I love, but some of my best friends can't because they happen to love someone of the same sex.  It's just not fair, nor equal.

It's not right that I chose college and a friend chose motherhood, and I am more "respected" in educated society.  I have never been so ashamed of going to Vanderbilt as when I brought my friend (who is a mother of two and my age) to a Vandy party and all of the "educated at a high end expensive school" students judged young mothers and people who didn't go to  college as being inherently a lessor part of society.  That is just simply not true.  It's just not at all.  What did I gain that she didn't?  A stressful job that has destroyed everything I know about life? Three years spent in a bad chair that hurts my back? Now I have to have kids when I'm old and tired, she on the other hand gets to party it up as they enter school and become more independent.  I'm not so sure college first is the best choice.  She learned about bills, saving money, real world stuff, while I was just pretending to learn about it.  That gives her like 8 years ahead of me on things like that.  What do I got?  An extensive knowledge of Rare Earth Elements (which are awesome and amazing! but do not get you an IRA.)?  It's not right that society in general has different opinions about stay at home moms and non-college educated people.  AND I'm annoyed at putting them in one paragraph...but too lazy to fix it.  You fix it in your head.  These are seperate issues.

It's not right that I get fresh water from the tap without thinking about it, and people in Africa/China/India/many other places (I have poor geography skills), don't have access like that.  The technology is there for them, but the capitalistic need for them to have it is not.  The same goes for medication and birth control.

It's not right that women are expected to wear makeup to prove their worth.  Forgetting all the reasons, but one: Do you know how expensive that shiza is!?!  To get good, proper makeup that looks good on you, you have to either buy a new one each month to experiment to find the right one at $12 each at Target, or go to the mall and get something for $50 or more!  That's just foundation/tinted moisturizer, etc.  You also need Mascara ($8-$30), eyeshadow ($3-$50 or higher), and lipstick/lipgloss ($6-$50 or higher).  That's a lot of money men don't have to spend.  We all hear about food prices going up or they may go up or gas prices have gone up, but do you know where I REALLY see a $3-$5 dollar increase?  Mascara and Nailpolish.  The cheap stuff now is the same price as the most expensive bottle I've ever bought (4 yrs ago or more).  I don't wear much nailpolish.  Another sign that I am a sloppy woman and don't care for myself.

I could go on, but the inspiration has left me.  Just know that life could always be worse and we really aren't in that great of a stopping place.  There's a lot more to improve.

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