Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's

Happy New Year!

Some day I'll come up with some traditions to celebrate it. First, though, I think I need a house and to be settled long enough to have time to come up with these things.  One idea I particularly like is to clean the house thoroughly to bring in the New Year.  Like, I said first I need a house.

Josh's grandmother called me today because he didn't answer his phone (he's at work).  I've been telling him to call her for a while now.  I told her that, and she as like "I know Josh!  He's not good at that." and she just loves him the same, as he is.  She wants a copy of his diploma as bad as I want one too!  The first time I met her I promised her Josh would get a degree.  I think that was 8 years ago.

I like her a lot.  She is very loud and very straight forward and interested in everyone's business.  She is then sure to pass the news around to all of us.  Yesterday I was thinking that Josh and I would be the first one's to have great-grandchildren for her.  Today she told me that one of his cousins is beating us by 6 months!  I'm fine with that, being first is a lot of responsibility.

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