Tuesday, January 8, 2013

In Which I Discuss a "Data Base"

My position at my work is funded by a grant (?)/package of money from another organization.  I work for my work, but most of my "orders" and "tasks" come from the other organization.  This makes things very confusing. Here is an example of how they disseminate work:

I want to emphasize the importance for each of you to have the “data base” completely populated with your respective data beginning from the date you began your employment. The Technical Assistance Program is undergoing an audit at the DC level which is one reason for this urgency.  With the dwindling budgets, the agencies contributing to the funding of the TA Program are looking for some results or success stories which would justify further contributions is another reason for this urgency.  To date, the Technical Assistance Program has provided little documentation which can be utilized to justify its existence.

Your future employment and the future of this program hinges on each of you to illustrate accomplishment!  I highly encourage each of you to utilize this down time to complete such illustration.

I like how database is in quotations first of all, especially since that's exactly what the "data base" is, a database.  The problem is that there are two different pieces of information entered in the database, contact information for all of our contacts and project/task information.  The emails emphasize that we enter in projects, but the weekly training call emphasizes that we should only be working on contacts.  I have also gotten to them all the info they want me to put in this database multiple times in multiple formats.  I also have it entered in a different database for my work.  Too bad the two databases are too different to transfer from one to the other (without complex thought on my part).

Just so you know, the follow up to this email says that beyond the person who made the database, only 12 records have been entered.  I counted all the records I've entered so far...12.  Yeah that's right.  I'm one of the few responsible ones and I don't even work directly for them.  Not that I ever would, even though I would get a cushy "work" from home job, I hold this other organization accountable for each of the worst moments of my life.  Plus I'm white...they barely tolerate me as it is.

 On a happier note,  I think my complete and utter exhaustion from the first trimester is finally wearing off. Yesterday and today I felt awake for the first time in forever and was capable of enough complex thinking to get some work done.  I'm working on a new knitting project, Ellie, with some Crazy Zauberball yarn. This is the first time I've used such small yarn, only size 2 needles!  It also has some complex/interesting aspects such as making button whole things, decreases, and adding a thumb.  All things I've never done before.

*EDIT:  I have done decreases in knitting before, but just not in the type of order and pattern directions that is given to me in this project.

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