Friday, June 22, 2012

Xtreme Couponing!

Today I am going to tell you about my last trip to Target.

It all started with the trip before the last trip to Target.  Josh noticed that one of the printed out coupons would give me a 5$ gift card during my next pharmacy purchase.  It just so happened that my next pharmacy purchase was the very next day!  I knew I was going to get a 5$ gift card, and I knew the best way to screw Target over was to purchase something I was going to buy anyways.  This meant I had to decide what I was going to buy before I got there.  I went online and found Target's printable coupon page and sorted through and printed out the coupons I would probably use. I got one for $1.83 off mouthwash and $1 off Sensodyne toothpaste.  Both of which we use on a regular basis.

The night before I put out the item I wanted to return, the receipt, the coupons, and the ink cartridge I wanted to recycle.  This way, in the morning while getting ready for work everything I needed for Target was in one place and I just had to transfer it all to a little re-usuable bag I had.

I get to Target and I return my item for $16 back on my credit card.  I use my pharmacy rewards card and get my meds for $4, not $8, and I get the $5 gift card.  I then go pay for the toothpaste and mouthwash which after the coupons came to $4.17!  I have $0.83 left on the card!

That is my super couponing experience.  The $16 return was more of a bonus than anything. 

I also have a Mapco Rewards card and they load it with free stuff.  Which means if I pay attention online and to my emails, I know what will be free if I use the Mapco Rewards card.  I was able to get a free energy drink for my trip this week!  I also got 3 cents off every gallon of gas I purchase at a Mapco.  The best part is I use my rewards card when work is paying for the gas in the rental on trips!!  I'm saving them money and getting me extra points!  Right now I get 12 cents off 20 gallons once I reach 1750 points.  I'm at 231 points.  I might change it so I get free king size double peanut butter reeses cups for every 500 points.  I bought 2 this week already.  I eat them for breakfast or lunch or dinner sometimes when I'm on travel.  Especially on the days I'm driving.

I like to wear my sunglasses in Target so that people are annoyed with me and stay away from me. I remove them when I  talk to the workers.  You've got to respect the workers.

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suekimmy said...

Now I want Reese's for breakfast and lunch and dinner.