Monday, June 18, 2012


Last night Josh and I were watching the basketball game, Miami vs. Oklahoma City.  I am of course cheering for Oklahoma City, I'm always a fan of the underdog.  Plus, NOT a fan of Lebron James.  Not at all.  Especially after this game, he was rutheless and cocky and broke all of the rules because he knew he could.

This was the first time I've watched TV and probably over a month (minus a few hours of Cupcake Reality TV Game Show on Food Network).  I'm always surprised when I start watching tv after a hiatus by all of the commercials.  There are movies coming out that I didn't know about like Spiderman and a funny looking one with Vince Vaugn and Ben Stiller.  Then there was a commercial with floating neon basketball shoes.  I don't know what that one was about.  There was also a commercial that sucked me in, made me happy and basically worked.  Well, except that I don't remember now what it was selling, I think maybe car insurance or cable tv.  It's the commercials where they tell a story and it slowly gets more and more bizarre. 

After those commercials came one for a reality tv show.  I could tell because it only showed parts of a person and there was a stage and lights.  I didn't know what type of reality it was, someones life, a talent show, I still don't know.  But after 5 seconds of watching the commercial I was disgusted.  It was terrible whatever it was! It was like watching something disgusting, it's horrible and you want to look away, but you just can't.  I said to Josh "This looks REALLY bad."  And not even a funny, ironic bad.  Just plain bad.  And as I finished saying that, the name of the show popped up on the screen:


Josh and I just looked at each other in horror.  Josh said "That's where we live."  And I said "People are going to think that's how we live!"

Josh also wants to get on it.  I need to know what it's about first...but I'm thinking, not a bad idea.  I mean, better give the people what they expect!

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