Thursday, June 7, 2012

In Which I Am Very Very Angry

Goodness gracious. 

I had an excellent day with a very frustrating evening.

AND I CAN"T TELL YOU.  I have a full on vent inside of me and I can't let it out.  I can't even pretend.  I have a strict code of no personal complaining that includes other people on the internet.  Actually, I don't like to talk about any specific person I know because I didn't get permission first. Well, besides Josh.  I own his permission. (JUST KIDDING..SHEESH PEOPLE) I mean I could tell you the good parts of today, which I will, but not now.  I'm much to cynical right now to give my good parts due justice because they were fricken amazing.  Plus I have to get the picture of the alligator off my camera.

Agh it's killing me, not being able to write about it.  I really can't because its one of those "not really a big deal" but I'm annoyed as hell.  I could twist the story so good, you would all be loving me and giving me words of encouragement of how right I am and make me feel validated.  But really, it's not worth grieving such petty annoyances, and of course, my side is going to be completely biased and make me out as innocent.

Actually, it's me I'm talking about, I'm always right and innocent.  It's in my one in my family has been wrong. Ever.  Just ask them.

FYI:  Below rant is specifically targeted at my angers in general and really don't have much to do with what's above.  My annoyances expressed above are just that, annoyances.  Not drama.  If it was drama I don't think it'd even be worth my time mentioning it.

I am angry.  I am angry at the way the world works.  I am angry at money hungry people and I am angry at lazy people who complain and don't help (stereotype: middle class america).  I am angry at the author who wrote the book I'm listening to on this trip.  You can only use the phrase "perfection incarnate" so many times in so many different books before I start puking in my mouth.  I am angry that I can't find any romance novels better written than hers.  I am angry that she also happens to live in Nashville...well, I'm sure she lives in Franklin.  Franklin has everything.  Also, put Franklin on my list of things that make me angry.  Ant bites make me angry.  Making stupid mistakes in a Red Mustang make me angry because it makes me look like an asshole instead of a stupid person.  I am angry that they are blindly mining Mongolia dry, ruining my sole back up plan for life.  I am angry that I can't fly an airplane.  I am angry that in order to do so I'd have to join the airforce.  I'm angry that I didn't ever believe that was an option for me when I was younger and had options.  I am angry that I feel that all of my options are slipping away from me.  My life is about over really.  I am angry at the Christian Right...the crazy ones.  Didn't anyone ever explain to them what Separation of Church and State means?  I'm angry at English only's called freedom of speech people and I can speak any way any how any where I want.  So long as it isn't slander.  I am tired of my basic rights as a human first and a woman second being pulled out from beneath my feet.  I'm angry that everyone always seems to argue with me and my views.  Why the hell can't I express them without someone trying to change my mind?  Stop preaching world!  ooooh I'm angry.  I am angry at all cable news.  I watched both FOX and CNN today and:  angry.  I am angry that the US doesn't feel the need to help Syria.  I am angry that I don't know what this whole election in Wisconsin is about.  And based off the news I watched, I think I'm angry at the result.

Whoa.  That last one shocked me out of my anger.  When did I start caring about politics?  When did I start following them?  WHEN DID I GET OLD!?!!?




Ryan Lakanen said...

"I watched both FOX..."
Well, there's one of your problems right there. ;) "Fair and Balanced" translates into "Fear and Bias".

The air force isn't the only option, you know, for flying planes. And they do let women fly. Into combat now, too, even:

And your life isn't over yet. You're younger than me, for Pete's sake! :p

Pretty much everything else, I'll let you rant about. ;)

Can't wait to hear about your excellent day!

diane/mom said...

Rant away girl. Hope you're not angry with my venting though. Everyone needs to once in awhile.