Sunday, July 17, 2011

Thor, Loki, and Meat

I purposely scheduled nothing for this weekend, and it was wonderful!  Josh actually had Saturday off for no reason (first time this summer I think) and we just did whatever we wanted.  First we slept in.  Then we rearranged the dinning room to be my office and I love it.  Then we played video games.  Then made dinner and went to see Thor in the $1.50 movie theater. 

Thor wasn't as good as I thought it would be.  I was excited because I like Norse mythology, but I didn't like the actor who played Thor nor how they portrayed him.  Plus the movie was short.  Character building could have been better.  They did get Loki right...well as best they could for it being a movie.  Loki is one of my favorite mythology gods.  He is a trickster god who is neither good nor evil.  Just like the spider god from African cultures....I think that's where the spider god comes from.

Oh and the sound turned off for the last 5 min. of the movie...the wrap up ending part.  Josh and I were forced to make up what they were saying.  We like our version better.  "Sorry I smashed your shitty bridge."

But it was no Star Trek or Iron Man movie, which was what I was hoping for.  I have higher hopes for Captain America, even though he is one of my least favorite Avengers.  My favorite Avenger, and super hero, is the Vision, but he's one of the newer Avengers and will not be in these movies.

An ant just bit me in the cooch.  I guess I'm losing the war.

I've continued to not drink beer and eat less gluten and I am feeling better.  We'll see how work goes to see if I'm not just feeling better because it's the weekend and I got to sleep in.  I went grocery shopping in the Belle Meade Kroger today.  That's where the upper class (not just middle class  but upper class) shop when they aren't busy going to Publix or Harris Teeter.  This Kroger has complimentary valet parking.  Everything inside is all in the wrong spot and not very intuitive for shopping.  I had to criss cross it three times!  Very annoying.  They sell  a lot of flowers and fancy cakes.  The Antioch Kroger, which I normally go to, is the exact opposite and is for the lower class.  It has no flowers and no fancy cakes.  It has a lot less to choose from.  Actually that's a lie.  I went down the isle at the Belle Mead Kroger that was labelled Mexican looking for chick peas.  Nope.  There, Mexican means salsa and chips.  Serious.  At the Antioch Kroger the entire isle is different Mexican foods.  The Belle Mead Kroger has an extensive Kosher section though...I've never seen one before actually, and this was larger than the Mexican section.  You can tell a lot about an area's demographics by their grocery stores.  Neat right?

I bought 3 things of meat!  One pork loin that's pre-seasoned.  I want to cut it up into pork medalions and freeze them to make them last longer.  I also bought pan steaks and organic ground beef that was only 9% fat.  I really want beef I guess.  I've never craved beef till now.  But when I walk through the store when I shop I keep an open mind to what I feel like.  My body tells me what I need, and then I buy it.  I did not buy chicken because my body said...ewww that chicken came from a large chicken farm and was grown funny, I don't want that.  Which shocked me because normally I don't care about stuff like that.  It must be the whole eating healthy thing.  I hope this doesn't turn me into a health freak...  I don't like people judging me on what I eat and I surely don't want to judge others or others to think I'm judging them.  I also wanted lean beef like what I ate when I was younger. 

Oh and I showed up at Church just as it was ending because I didn't know they changed to summer hours!  I was so excited to go too!  That's why I went to the Belle Meade grocery store, it was close by and I thought I could get new stuff that they don't actually have at my normal one.  WHICH THEY DID I FORGOT!!!  I also bought chorizo sausage as a surprise for Josh! 

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