Saturday, June 4, 2011

Unnatural Lakes

Happy Saturday.

I cut my hair short because it was time to.  I didn't even think about it....I said I want short hair, and then I did it.  It was weird at first because I didn't look like me.  A lot of how I see myself I guess was based on looks, and now I look like a different person.  Who is this different person in the mirror?  Well, for one, this person is a lot cleaner...showering is actually enjoyable with short hair.  Whoa, bet you never saw that sentence coming.

I think I'm going to reinstate my "Most Unique Thing Seen Each Day"  "project".  It's not really a project, it's more of an exercise I like doing.  If you get good at it, life is more interesting.

Let's start with yesterday because I've only been up 30 min. so far today and the most interesting thing I've seen so far today is Ackbar.  Yesterday the most unique thing was a joke that I would feel right about putting on here. The second most unique thing would be a deer and fawn that was in the woods just past where our company picnic was held.  There were two baby fawns and a momma deer, and she kept on running between the was out and about moving and one was sleeping by the lake. (Lake = man made lake left over from some flood years past).  I felt bad for the momma deer because people kept on going near the babies to see them, I'm sure she was nervous.

I also learned that Percy Priest Lake (again, created by a large dam and is man made) flooded towns and buildings when TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) built the dam.  John, a work friend, says that he knows of spots where you can walk straight out like you are walking on water because you are walking on an old raised road.  Terrifying.  I hate the thought of structures beneath me in a lake that I can't see!  It's sort of like having a ghost town beneath you and you don't know what's going to reach up through the water and grab you.  It's unnatural.

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