Sunday, June 12, 2011

Church Girls

Today the most unique thing I've seen would be....  a choir of high school girls singing at our church.  I think I have baby hormones at the moment because I was overly dawn to all of them.  I have never been a fan of teenage girls...probably b/c I have recently been one and it wasn't that fun really.  Today I saw their drama and their lives ahead of them as a good thing.  They all had different hair and even the ones with out "perfect" hair that was blow dried, curled or straightened, were beautiful.  I've always thought I was not too pretty b/c I don't do my hair...I just let it dry or put it in a ponytail, especially in highschool.  But now, seeing those girls, I know that that wasn't the case, I just had different hair and it's the differences that made them all so great.

The most unique thing I saw last week in Sacramento with Josh would be when this guy on the street took a picture of us.  We were just standing there, and he walked by.  He had a comb/pick thing in his afro like is sometimes the style.  I'm not sure why they do that...i think it's weird, but we live in different worlds and different cultural backgrounds, so I guess I wouldn't understand.  He took a pic of Josh and I standing on the street and then came back and wanted us to get his number so that he wouldn't get sued for posting our picture or something.  It was all very confusing and we didn't have a pen and neither did he.  He did tell us his name so we can look him up on Facebook, which we havn't done yet.

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