Saturday, June 4, 2011

Karma y u no fair?

Can I just say something?  My last post was pretty boring if I do say so myself.  I only put up with them because they make my good posts look better.  And I like to practice pushing through and trusting that the next one will be better.  And now I'm in a quandary b/c I already posted one today and I don't want to be an annoying super poster, but I just thought of a lot of things to say.

Guess how many unique and interesting things I've seen today so far since this morning?  None.  I went to get dressed, got sucker punched by my bed and when I regained consciousness, it was 2:00pm.  Now some of you may think...phew Lindy, good for you, you must have needed that.  But no, no I did not.  I already had 8 hrs of sleep last night and every night before that this week!  Well, maybe not Thursday night...I drank a lot then...but I woke up hang over free and generally not tired on Friday.  I sleep this much every single weekend!  Usually I'm reading, but today I was going to go to the bank and the library and target all before it got to be one million degrees out...and my bed punched me in the sleep maker.

Next,  my life is terrible.  One of my BFFs, Nato, posted on facebook that karma got him good.  He had flipped (Flicked?? I think this is one of my failings of my childhood) a MEAN old lady and so karma put him in a traffic jam. I am going to make an assumption that he had airconditioning or that it wasn't hot enough yet in Michigan to need it.   This got me thinking about the traffic jam I was in on Wednesday...

We were going to Lu's, so Josh was driving my truck (without AC)... (I know, I know, my truck, I should be driving...but it was so hot and I'm so lazy).  We got off 24 and onto 440 (expressways), and traffic stopped.  It took us 30 min. to go 3 miles to the exit and it was 95 degrees out with 90% humidity or something like that.  I had sweat dripping down my face and I was just sitting there.  Since we were basically stopped in traffic, there was no breeze and we had to keep the windows open.  That let in the breeze of all the exhaust of the cars all around us. >:(  And a cicada flew in.  It was giant with giant red eyes and large orange wings and long spindly red legs.  And every time it flew it flew like it was drunk and its' wings weren't big enough and buzzed everywhere.  It sat on the dashboard and looked at us, threatening to fly into our faces cause Josh to crash into all the cars around us resulting in a firey explosion.  Finally Josh told me to put a towel on it to hold it in place between the dash and the window.  It would crawl out and buzz and I would scream.  It buzzed around and terrified us for the entire 30 min. finally flying out as we reached the exit...which was also backed up all the way out to the expressway.  Josh says he's never ever seen me freak out like that for such an extended point of time.  Yeah, but I've never been trapped in an enclosed space with a giant bug that looks at you before!

What did I do to deserve all that? Huh Karma? 

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