Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Damn Hipsters

I go back and forth about whether or not I am a hipster.  They are ironic, therefore I think that no matter what I'm screwed.  It just so happens that I love irony.

I met a new person the other day (friend's cousin) and she is in college still.  She is very nice and pointed out that many of my interests such as steampunk and Rock-a-billies make me a hipster.  Though I want to make it clear, I do not like rock-a-billies, I just like some of the stuff they like, such as Roller Derby and Rev. Peyton's Big Damn Band.  Though I think the Rock-a-billies that make up Roller Derby are not the same as the typical ones, they are tougher and more into blood and fighting.

When I went to the last Roller Derby bout of the season last weekend, I felt at home in Nashville for the first time since moving here.  And not because these people are just like me, but that there is such a variety of people and types that there is no feeling of "why are you not like us?" going about.  Plus Roller Derby is a good cause (all proceeds go to charities) and so people go to have fun, not be seen.

Seeing and being seen.  That is something that definitely goes on here in Nashville.  Probably due to the fact that there are so many start up artists AND hipsters.  Hipsters all about being seen.  To be cool you have to go to all the coolest things, nonchalantly of course, and then be seen by all your friends there.  Maybe you smoke a cigarette outside between sets and start up a convo with the bass player from Cheer Up Charlie Daniels. Maybe you sport your newly grown molester stach to the viewing of the newest indie film at The Belcourt.  See, I do none of those things.  In fact I avoid them mostly.

I saw a video on a website I just discovered that isn't supported by google or anything.  I think it's called Dramatipedia or something like that. Dramatica Wiki?  I don't remember now.  I think it's a homeplace for trollers, but you are going to have to wiki what an internet troll is because I don't really understand it yet myself at all.  Though I do know it doesn't mean a really ugly girl sitting at home trying to sex chat.  I figured that much out.  Anyways, there was an article to go with the video, and I really really wished I had read the article first before watching the video, then I would have been spared the shock and disgust.  The video took place in a crappy undecorated apartment in Chicago and it was filled with hipsters, and they were way less cool than the ones in Nashville, and there were maybe 40-50 of them sitting and standing, and in the corner cubby area was this girl doing her "performance".  First she took 2+ min. trying to open a can of spaghettios which was irritating and boring, then she put it in a pot.  Then it was black! and she smeared it all over her chest and tshirt. Again, pretty boring.  I didn't have any sound, so I don't know what the audio was like.  Then...out of no where she whips out some scissors, cuts a hole in the crotch of her pants and stick her spaghettio fingers way up into her cooch.  The End.

Yeah...I hate hipsters a little more now.  I can never unsee that.

I only clicked on it the article because I wanted to get a feel for the website and Spaghettios seemed innocent enough.

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