Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summary: Me. The Letter L. Volcanoes.

You know what Following?  I've been thinking about it, and I'm pretty awesome.  It's true.

I realized the other day that songs have lost their personal meaning to me, and I asked Josh about it and he says the same thing happened to him too.  Remember when you were a teenager, and you had a song that represented many different events in your life?  Well, that has stopped happening... I wonder if it is because I grew up or if I just got to busy and stressed out?  Either way, I'm looking for meaningful songs. 

While on my vacation I heard a lot of songs, and it turns out most of them are from when I was in high school.  The one that I felt had the most meaning for my life right now is: All Star by Smash Mouth, (Disclaimer: I've never seen the video) which kind of goes against the whole point of this search for new meaningful songs.  This song has always been meaningful to me, but I just haven't heard it in forever and I've re-discovered it.  There's a line in it that goes "She was looking kind of dumb, with her finger and her thumb, in the shape of an L on her forehead" which is the line I remember most.  Mostly because my name is Lindy and Lindy starts with L.  So do lions, which are the kings of the Jungle.  I usually feel an affinity with words that start with L.  Then this song was on the Shrek soundtrack, which was definitely one of the first cd's I searched out and HAD TO HAVE.  I know every song on that soundtrack by heart and I almost know who all the artists are too.

But this time when I heard the song, I listened to the parts about living life and going on adventures.  Which is something I want to bring more into my life - daydreams and dreams and goals of adventures.  I've found myself purposely switching off tv shows about travel to exotic places, and not reading about other people's experiences because it hurts too much.  I've dreamed of going to all those places myself growing up, and until recently I thought I could.  I always thought, when you are grown up you can do these things, and I focused on school work and waited.  Now I am grown up and it just seems impossible... 

BUT I am learning that there is life after 25 (which I thought was impossible, until I turned 26), and I am putting different goals into different stages of my life. For instance, when I am old old old, I shall take a camel tour of the Pyramids, when I am in my 30's or 40's I will go on a safari through Africa, and right now I am going to focus on climbing volcanoes.  Which, by the way, I failed at last week. :(

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