Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dirty Words

How I Know I'm An Adult:

1.  I made a dentist appointment for my husband.  It's on a different day than the one for myself.
2.  I picked out this dentist.
3.  I have insurance for the dentist and used their website to figure out which dentist I could pick.
     (So if you can't tell, I'm incredibly proud of making these's sorta been on my to-do list for 5 years now...)
4.  I went shoe shopping and purchased 3 pairs!!  And damn are they cute. 
5.  I clean my cat's litter.
6.  I realize that if I want something done, the only person who is going to do it is myself.
7.  I planned and went on my own vacation (with Josh of course!)
8.  I have an 8  - 4:30 job
9. My job also comes with an office.
10.  I am on my third vehicle, this one being one I picked out all by myself

If we sleep with the bedroom door open, Ackbar comes in at 3 in the morning or so and starts kneading me in the stomach, where he alternates pushing his feet in and out.  It always wakes me up.  This morning he insisted I pet him too and not with just one hand.  Oh no.. I HAD to use both hands.  He would rub his face up against the other hand until I used it too.  And the whole time I'm trying to sleep.  The second time he came in to do this, I made Josh switch spots on the bed, and as we were switching, Josh got up and threw out the cat, and I was all, "well if I knew you were going to do that, I wouldn't have switched spots."  I can't throw him out or be mean b/c the internet says that when he is kneading me, he is showing how much he looooves me and that he thinks of me as his mother.  Therefore, to him, we were having a special moment.  To me, I was just trying to sleep.  So if I am mean, I am ultimately insulting him and being cruel.

And then in the morning he thinks he has the right to leap out of NO WHERE and attack my ankles.  I also thought Josh was really good at slowing me down, but Ackbar is far better...and when I try to hurry I end up kicking him in the face on accident or rolling on his tail.

Josh has started back at school.  He is taking two classes for one month and then two classes the next month.  They all meet 4 days a week for 2.3 hrs or so?  He's not sure.  This month it is literature and American History.  The lit class requires him to read CONSTANTLY.  I swear all he does is read now.  But I'm not complaining, I'm glad he's trying his hardest to stay ahead of the game.  He has to read the Great Gatsby this weekend and start on another book as well and get a good start on a 5 page paper.  Luckily I'll be gone.  The part that upsets me the most is that we now own a copy of the Great Gatsby.  I had such a horrible time understanding that book in high school and getting an A in english b/c of that book and Mr. Zinnecker.  I swore I would never let a copy of that book be in my house.  The ending was so disappointing and frustrating.

To distract me, Josh had me read one of his stories he's going to read next week.  It is sort of a detective, "it was a dark night and then She walked in" sort of story, and it has a couple of detectives that the author calls dicks.  There is the fat dick and the short dick.  I highlighted it for Josh every time the work "dick" is used.  To help.  Only I didn't tell him, and I can't wait for him to read it!

How I Know I'm Not Really An Adult:
1.  It took me 5 yrs to make a dentist appointment
2.  I can't kill my own spiders
3.  I highlight the dirty words

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