Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just So Much

Today I am home sick with what I think is allergies, but maybe it's not.  I don't know...I've never had allergies like this before!  Last night my ear, My Ear! got plugged up.  I tried to go to sleep but woke up in the middle of the night in soooooooo much pain.  I got up, got attacked by the cat, googled allergies and plugged ears.  The top three solutions were see an ENT which I swore I would never ever ever do again.  My blood boils when I think of ENT doctors.  The next one was take a decongestant which I think would have kept me awake.  And the third was taking a shower.  And so I did. Yeah it hurt that bad.  I took a shower in the middle of the night during the water conservation efforts.  It was long and hot and it did not work.  I took some sort of allergy medication that wouldn't keep me awake and then laid on the couch with my ear on a heating pad.  Eventually I heard these pretty awesome gurgling sounds of my ear draining.  And then the coughing started and would not stop.  It still hasn't stopped.  A constant dry hack.  I think my sinuses are draining out of my throat instead of my nose.  Why would they do that?  It's such a bad idea.  I would hack up a dime size piece of phlegm and spit it out.  But respite.  For a while I just sat by the toilet and did that.  Then I laid down and swallowed them for a while.  Then I got up and puked them all up.  It's true...I puked up my phlegm.  I know because it looked like phlegm in the toilet and there was very little stomach acid that came up too.  Josh and I call these PuPu (like PukePuke but with out the "ke"), which means little puke.  We invented the word the other day to describe what Ackbar was telling us when he hacked hairballs, He pupued.  Well I do now too.

I hope you pupued a little to while reading this.

So I was thinking of taking this time to update you on our last week.  I left you last time with a list and I think I'll take it and expand on it.

1.  How Josh was late and forgot something important...twice.  One Wednesday I had a chiropractor's appointment (which cured my back pain and made me feel alive again!), and Josh had to pick me up from work and bring me there.  The clock in his car was wrong though and he was 15 min late.  So I called and changed the time.  Then we realized that we forgot my x-rays at home, so I called and changed the time again.  We drove home, got the X-Rays, and then got stuck in a terrible traffic jam.  So I called and cancelled the appointment.  Due to the flood traffic has been really really bad on the expressways in unexpected times.  On this day we were heading against rush hour traffic, so we should have been free and clear.  On Thursday Josh was suppose to pick me up from work so we could head directly to Bellevue to volunteer to help clean up houses.  He was 15 min. late b/c a cop pulled someone over in the worst spot and it took josh 15 min. to get past him.  Then when he picked me up, he had forgot to grab my outdoor work pants.  So we had to go home and get them.  Then we got stuck in a flood traffic jam and it took us 40 min. longer to get to the volunteer place.  I will describe that next.
2.  Dinner WIN and Volunteer FAIL:  Once we got to the volunteer place and parked it was 6:00 and our friends we were going to work with were leaving.  But that didn't stop us, we were going to rip up dry wall no matter what!  As we were walking to the destroyed houses... we were in a super duper rich of the non-flooded houses had dinner set out for all the workers.  They saw us and FORCED us to put down our tools and eat before we worked.  It's similar to when your grandma makes you eat or asks if you want a drink.  She won't be happy until you do.  These were Italian grandmas feeding us and they are even more strong willed.  Josh and I were more than happy though to eat the delicious 4 course homemade Italian dinner in a strangers lawn.  No problem.  And it was amazingly good.  After food we headed on down to the ruined houses and everyone was done working for the day.  No one needed any volunteers!  So we had to sneak away and leave without actually doing any work, but full from an amazing meal.
3.  I spotted the weather ball in Antioch, it was red.  It's true.  We were driving home and were at our exit and I was that the weather ball?  Weather Ball Red Warmer Weather Ahead.  I made Josh drive around in Antioch until we found it, and it wasn't the weather ball... it was a CARNIVAL in the dying mall's parking lot!  It had so many awesome rides!  But we were super tired and couldn't join.
4.  How my neck was fixed and I found out that I am not old, just broken.  The chiropractor showed me my x-rays (on Friday when I finally got there on time), and he pointed out that three bones in my neck were not curving correctly like the other ones.  I saw proof that I had something wrong!!!  I was like, YES I SEE THAT!  He then cracked my neck, which was super duper freaky and reminded me of Mr. Zinnecker when he cracked his neck in English class.  And afterwards I noticed that I could move my neck a million times more and better than before and my back pain was gone!  I have always been wary and slightly skeptical of chiropractors, but this guy had a blog that answered all my questions, and then he explained to me in a science way what was wrong and backed it up with pictures and other physical tests.  He and I have a lot of similar views.  We also both know the term "righting" which I thought was just a geological term.  I was trying to explain it to my mom the other day.  It's when a tree that is growing up lives through a mudslide and is suddenly growing at an angle.  From that point on it will continue to grow upwards, causing the trunk of the tree to have a bend in it.  Apparently the same thing was happening to my head and neck.
5.  I bonded with a 6 yr old girl I went to the Graduate Christian Fellowship end of the year party and there was a young girl there.  Her older brother and sister were deep into a greek trivia contest with Josh, so I talked to her.  I would look at her and give her my cutest smile and she would give me the exact same smile back!  She told me how her dad is much more strict about time limits when she is in timeout than her mom is, and we bonded over how annoying brothers are.  I am 20 yrs older than her.   Earlier this week at a party I did not mention, I talked to a 16 yr old girl (sister to the birthday girl and she left early and did not drink, fyi).  I was 10 yrs older than her.
6.  Oh and the mistake of getting 6 hrs of sleep then taking an allergy pill at work. Long story short all I did was work sleep, similar to when I sleep and play WoW.  It goes...type a sentence, sleep, wake up with a start, type a word, sleep, wake up with a start, type a word, sleep....and so on.  I will not be doing that again!  I can't wait for this thing in my head to that I have no pain and am sleeping better for it, I just want to work and accomplish things again!
7.  Piranhas loose in the flooded mall.  Doesn't that sound awesome?  To bad it was the biggest spread rumor about the floods.  Though I suppose that would be a good thing...  A harmless happy funny rumor is far better than what some of the rumors could be about this flood.  What we thought had happened was the during the flood the aquarium in the Aquarium Cafe had broke and only the piranhas survived and were swimming around the the Opryland Mall.  Which by the way is my least favorite mall.  It is triangular shaped and I once had to walk around the whole thing in crutches and then stand outside in the freezing rain while Josh drove the car up.  I also realized during that trip that a mall is not magical, it is just a building owned by some rich guy who rents it out to people/companies to sell their stuff.  This mall is super touristy and some of the stores are so unusual for mall stores that you can tell they are family owned.  It just made me angry at the time...a broken ankle probably didn't help.  And anyways...the mall was flooded.  Game over.
8.  Water conservation = excuse not to shower  What was also flooded was one of the two water treatment plants for Davidson country (Nashville).  So they are producing half as much water as normal.  We were told to use water only for drinking and cooking.  Not cleaning in any form.  That means there is a perfectly good and humane reason for me to not do laundry, wash the bathroom, do the dishes, or shower!  Let me tell you this is the best! There are numbers and emails you can contact report people and businesses that are wasting water, like watering the lawn or washing cars, etc.  I haven't reported anyone...yet.  Don't think that I won't!  Do you know who I should report?  Ackbar!  He is a water waster!  The day after we were told to conserve water, he spilled his water bowl not once...but twice!

This past weekend Josh and I went to the Renaissance Festival b/c it was the only free weekend in May we had to do it.  It was soo much fun!  I have some pictures to post that I will do soon...but until then, A List!

1.  Did you bring your dagger today?
3.  We renewed our vows.  That makes 3 times we were married.... we've decided that's how we are going to keep our marriage fresh and new...renew vows every chance we get.
4.  We watched a Good Clean Wet and Dirty Wench Show...and I've rarely seen so many crass and dirty jokes in one place before...but still hidden enough for kids to watch.  It was amazing.
5.  Human chess
6.  A big woman with uneven floppy boobs
7.  Weapons!

The next day Josh and I volunteered to pass out FEMA water to people who needed it.  It was a lot of fun and really hard work.  I'm kinda addicted to volunteering now. 

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