Friday, May 7, 2010

Just Last Weekend

So much is going on now to say, that I must get out some of it before new stuff pushes it back.

First I spent last weekend at home with my friends and family.  It was really great to go back and see everyone.  I was flying to Grand Rapids with a layover in Detroit and my brother, Nathan, was going to pick me up there.  I only at 30 min. in D-Town to get across the airport and get on my plane.  I walked there as fast as I could, and as I was getting up to my gate, tired, sweaty, and annoyed at this flipflop wearing tool who kept on getting in my way, I saw a person standing there taking my picture.  It was Lianne!!!  (My sister-in-law).  I was soooo confused...  I was like they didn't drive to Detroit to pick me up did they? And how in the world did she get into the airport this far without a ticket?  Turns out Lianne was in New Jersey all week and was taking the same flight back as I was!

I got to see her and Nathan's new house.  It is giant and beautiful and in the woods.  It needed a lot of repairs, like flooring and tiling in the bathrooms and paint, etc.  They are doing it all themselves and it seems like a lot of fun.  I don't know though...Josh and I lose each other in our tiny apartment all the time...  it would be impossible to find each other in a two story house with a basement.  How would we carry on a conversation while moving around the house?  Okay, so we lost each other in our old 2 room apartment and I suspect we would lose each other in a studio apartment as well.  We are doomed.

The next morning we met Mandy and Nick (sister and fiance) at the Brandywine for breakfast.  I made tons of hobbit jokes that no one got.  Because the Brandywine is a very big landmark in the Shire where hobbits live.  I think the last time all three of us hung out was breakfast before my wedding and that was like 10 min.

Mandy brought me to Fremont where I tried on her bridesmaid dress and it fits me perfectly and I look skinny.  My mom was sure to point out that I was gaining a little weight in my tummy (which is true), but I still think the dress hides it very well.  I say this as a bridesmaid, that I can't wait to wear this dress again!  It's true, my little sister has found the perfect bridesmaid dress.  They are knee length skirts with two pieces of 2 yrd long fabric that are about 10 inch thick sewn to the front.  You take the fabric and wrap it around yourself any way you want to have many different styles out of it.  My mom made them all (they are super easy to make), so they are very inexpensive dresses as well!  I still have to pay for it even though my mom made it.  What's with that?  All the bridesmaid's mom's were there the next day for the wedding shower and watched the other girls try on their dresses...  they all think (my mother included) that I plan on wearing a bra with mine.  I don't know what in the world gave them that idea... 

Saturday night I ate at Spanky's the world's best breadsticks with the world's best friends.  It was a great time!  We then came to my house and sat around a campfire and talked and had just a few beers.  I wanted to be wide awake and not hung over the next day.  It was really nice to talk to them and recap high school.  Nato was saying that when he was in high school he didn't realize how much more world there was out there.  That he had to learn there were "other roads" to take and other scenery to see.  Megan and Carly I think agreed and Steph and KP were quiet so I don't know what they thought about it.  I didn't say anything because I am trying not to say everything I think.  I didn't feel that way though... I've always known there was more out there and I was ITCHING to go explore the rest of the world.  All I did when I was young for as long as I can remember was dream about leaving Michigan and the US.  I've left Michigan and I am waiting to leave the US.  I still have a long while...but it will happen and I can't wait!!  Until then Josh and I are going to explore the US.  Moving out has shown me there is more to our country than I thought.  So I guess I do agree with Nato, just on a grander scale. For example, I've been to Birmingham, AL.  Josh and I drove there in my truck.  We visited one of their upscale suburb's transit station (biodiesel related).  Until I was there, I couldn't actually truly believe that Birmingham existed.  I mean... I knew so little about it and I don't know anyone who has ever been there.  But it's there and there are people living their lives there.  It's a city like any other city.

At 10:30 at night I received a phone call from my supervisor from work.  I was's late night Saturday and she's not the type of person to call out of work...let alone then.  I answered and she asked me if Josh and I were okay.  I was like... UMmmmm...what?  Then she told me that there was flooding in Antioch.  My first reaction was "HA! IN YOUR FACE JOSH....I KNEW WE NEEDED FLOOD INSURANCE!"  Did I mention we had been drinking just a few beers?  Then I wanted to know what was actually happening, and she said the news was saying there was massive flooding at Bell road and 24, which is basically our intersection.  I told her that neither he nor I were there and I had no idea...but that we lived on a hill.  Which is true...we live on the second floor on a hill.

The next day was Mandy's wedding shower and I got to see many of the female members of my family.  It was a lot of fun and I loved seeing everyone again.  I especially loved that it wasn't my wedding.  There was so much going on in such a short period of time...  I can't remember too many of the details.

I got a call from Heather telling me that Sarah was stuck in our apartment all weekend watching Ackbar (thank goodness) and that I shouldn't come home until Monday because of the flooding.  Since I was basically at the airport when this happened I stayed with Nato one more day!!!  We went to Billy's that night (a bar) and I drank several more beers than I did Saturday night.  Mandy and Nick came over and hung out with me for a while.  I loved that...I think that was the first time I was at a bar with Mandy and she was actually old enough to be there!  Oh and get this...the beers were one dollar!  One fricken dollar!!!  I had forgotten about how cheap beer is in Michigan. 

Monday I sat outside in the sun getting incredibly sunburnt with Nato talking to him about life.  Of everything that happened this weekend, I think that was my favorite part.  We used to spend a good 5 hrs a day together in high school and then work together on weekends...I haven't been able to spend one on one time with him since then.

I didn't get home until midnight though and then Josh and his mom kept me up until 2 relating to me their adventures in Memphis and getting home.

This is the extent of our flood damage:  Ackbar got NAUGHTY because his mother (me) wasn't there to boss him around...  you know you always get away with more when the babysitter is there... and he knocked over the fish bowl.  When Sarah picked it back up...Bivouac was MIA.  And so many people had asked me about him and how he was doing at the wedding shower.  Little did I know.

Here is a list of stuff I hope to expound on next time:

1.  How Josh was late and forgot something important...twice
2.  Dinner WIN and Volunteer FAIL
3.  I spotted the weather ball in Antioch, it was red.
4.  How my neck was fixed and I found out that I am not old, just broken
5.  I bonded with a 6 yr old girl
6.  Oh and the mistake of getting 6 hrs of sleep then taking an allergy pill at work.
7.  Pirhanas in the flooded mall
8.  Water conservation = excuse not to shower

Damn, that's a lot of interesting shit in that list and you don't even know yet...all in only 3 days!  I expect to have a lot more to add tomorrow seeings as how we are going to the Renaissance Fair and the carnival at the Hickory Hollow Mall.

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