Saturday, May 9, 2015

Climbing Babies and the Barn Store

Yesterday I walked into the living room and Lilly was standing naked, on my (closed) laptop, waving the dress she was wearing around in defiance to the world.

We went to the library and when I was looking at the new release books in the adult section she climbed up onto a computer table and started laughing.  We had to leave.

We were checking out the JnJ Auction stuff in person and somehow she climbed up onto a table that was too high for her to climb up onto, while Josh and I were standing right there but didn't see her do it.

She hung off my arm like I was a jungle gym.  And my arm and the stair railing at the library too.

Lilly and I and a friend and her sons all had our picture in the paper this week because we visited the blacksmithing demonstration and pictures of moms and kids make good press.  Plus, we were all so beautiful, it was difficult not to put us in. he he he.

Last Friday we went to my Edward Jones person's open house at his new office.  He called me up to invite me, and I told him it was already on my calendar and had posted the newspaper article on my board.  He was shocked! I, on the other hand, realized that I cling to anything that offers free cake.  And, it was delicious cake. 

The office was next door to a Barn Store (like Farm and Fleet, etc.), so we went in to show Lilly the chickies and baby ducks, and to let her ride the lawn mowers. I was waiting in line to buy fertilizer and lime for our yard at my landlords direction.  A guy with a big (see: fat) hunting dog was in line behind me and talked to me about how he doesn't need a lawn mower (Josh and Lilly were climbing them) because he has such a large garden and he lets the goats and chickens mow the rest.  He told me that he doesn't like buying fertilizer etc. for the yard.  As I have a cart full of it.  I explained to him that I would choose something different, but my landlord insists...and it's not actually my yard.  And I told him about how I had to put down treated mulch and am having a hard time gardening b/c I don't want to eat food grown in treated mulch.  He agreed and said "You could grow a garden in pots...OR grow a garden of pot!!!"  He found that so amusing.  I told him that would be tough to do in town.

Then it was my turn to pay.  The cashier asked me "Would she like a cookie?" and I was confused.  She? Lilly? Lilly isn't even in eyesight right now.  I even looked around for her. And even though it was a free cookie I said "no, she just ate a bunch of cake." and the woman gave me the same confused look I just gave her.  Then she says "Yeah, my dog loves hamburgers.  We went on a road trip and that meant lots of stops at fast food places and she got a hamburger everytime.  My husband insisted."  Whaaaaaat?  I realized she thought the guy with the dog was with me.  I didn't correct her.  I just made the appropriate responses and left.

I put my heavy purchases in the trunk of the car while Josh got Lilly in the seat, and I returned the cart to the store.  As I was walking it in, this bigger older man asked me if he could have a ride.  I was And he said, pardon? and I said No.... and furiously tried to think of a funny response but couldn't.  I hate it when men come up and "flirt" with me by making a funny joke.  I never have a response, nor is the initial ever that funny.  If you are a man, has a woman ever come up and asked you for a ride in your cart?

I got back to the car and told Josh we have to leave...that store is just too weird.

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