Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hairy Babies, Pets, and Bad Yard Art

On the way into town, there are things you look at.  What do you look at when drive to work or town? How long have you been looking at these things?  On my way to work in Nashville, I looked at the street sign that said "Edge-o-Lake Rd" just like that, and thought thoughts on it almost every day.  I looked at the houses by the stop sign and judged them.  I looked at the trees change in the treed part of the drive.  It really was a pretty boring drive.  Now, on the way to Fremont I get to look at the large statue of a fetus being held in a hand and a large sign next to it with anti-abortion bible words on it that is a whole paragraph long and I can't read it while driving by.  Below it in the ground are crosses set out to spell ABORTION, and there is one cross for each child aborted every day or year or something.  I used to know in high school.  This year, they haven't weeded the crosses, so it's looking a little rough.  There is also a beautiful feild of red poppies mixed with a purple flower, and a lot of amish buildings too, with their laundry hanging.  But there is a new item, something for my parents to look at for the next 30 years.  A large tree fell down a while back, right on the edge of the road, sort of in front of a house, if there was a house there.  There is a fallen down barn and a burnt up mobile home (it just burnt up last month) and maybe a dilapitated house too.  (it's not a pretty corner).  But the tree broke about 10-15 ft up, and so there was a large 10-15 stump (Trunk?) left.  That stump was carved in a large 10 ft coca-cola glass bottle and then painted to look like such.  WHY?!?!  WHY DO YOU WANT THAT IN YOUR YARD? I'd rather have the fetus in a hand.

Yesterday I brought Ackbar and Lilly to the vet where I discovered that my cat weighs one pound less than my baby.  Despite the fact that Ackbar's figure has slimmed down and he has a nice kitty waist now, he somehow weighs more than ever at a large 16 lbs!  It's all muscle weight, I'm sure.  The trip was one of the hardest and most adventurous trips I've had to go on with a baby.  I couldn't carry both in at the same time, so first I carried Ackbar in in his crate, then I went back out and grabbed my purse and the stroller.  Lilly was asleep, so I didn't want to wake her and put her in the stroller.  And then the stroller wheels were locked, and I was in too much of a hurry to unlock them, so I picked it up and carried the stroller in, like a giant nerd.  Then I went back out to get Lilly.  Next time, I'm just waking her up.  Then we got into the room, and I realized I had left the paperwork in my other purse, and had to run back out to the car to get it. 

The vet commented on how beautiful and handsome he is.  She also commented on how beautiful Lilly is and how much hair she has.  She tactfully didn't use the same compliments on Ackbar.  But if she had, I would have said "That's how I like them, beautiful and hairy!"  That's funny.

We spent the weekend at Grandma Colombini's house. She has a great dog named Chance, and he is a mini collie...a Shetland Sheep dog.  He looks like a foot rest and has a lot of hair too.  We realized that Chance and Lilly have a lot in common, number one being the first comment they both get when strangers see them is "Look at all that hair!"

Tomorrow we go see Don Benson play in the park in Fremont.  He is a jewelry maker and folk musician!  He and his wife make my favorite jewelry, I have a collection of it (they sell at Bliss Fest) and we've been listening to his cd for quite some time!  I'm excited to see him sing the songs I know and I sing too.  There's one about taking a bath together, there's one about where to send money (he actually sings teh PO box number, so you really can send him money) if you burn the cd, and there's one that goes "My dogma ate my karma".

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