Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Lamb is just a Sheep in the Long Run. ~Denmark Saying

I've been reading about raising sheep, and it's a lot of work.  It involves at least 3 sheep because you can't have just one, which is fine, but that's more tricky work.  And sheep involve gross things like infections, sickness, and tagging the ears.  Stuff you wish you could have the vet do, but you can't afford to, so you do it yourself.  I'm not sure I'm up to that stuff just yet.

When describing how to help a ewe birth a lamb, if it has horn buds, you should help the ewe out by pulling her vulva apart to make room for the horn buds.  I'm not sure I can handle lambing.

So there's a lot of thinking going on about that.  One thing I do know for a fact:  I don't want any sheep with horns.

I think my simpler goal to attain to help the sheep farm decision is to get into what I'm most interested in, and that's the fleece.  I want to start to learn how to work with the raw fleece.  Spinning it, carding it, etc.

And first, to attain that goal, I need money.  So my real goal is attaining money.  Lots of it too.

I can do that.

Lilly and I went to the Toddler Sit and Read time at the Library today.  She was so amazed at the 3 other children there!  She would make her I-See-A-Kitty noise and wave her arms around excitedly at them.  She even sat and read the book and didn't try to eat the book!

Josh and my mom laughed at me because of why I think Lilly is a genius.  She is a genius because she can drink water from her sippy cup!  She knows that if she tips it up, water comes out!  It's amazing.  But she is still working on holding the cup upright before tipping it up.

I watched the opening ceremonies for the Olympics this year.  It's my first time ever seeing them and it's amazing!  I wish I hadn't ever missed any.  I loved seeing Russia put their best face forward and to learn about the history that they cherish.  It makes me want to learn more about Russia.  I must say this was probably the first time I learned about Russia from Russia and I knew there was no American Propaganda attached to it.  I can't recall the details enough to repeat it on here in a well thought out manor, but I liked the comments President Obama made about his relationship with Putin.  Vlady Vlad as he prefers to be called in private.  I'm sure.

Not too long ago we heard on the news that someone was in trouble for selling pig colon as imitation calamari.  Josh says I am wrong for never wanting to eat calamari again.  I'm not really that grossed out at all or worried, I just have no desire to eat something that can be confused with a pig's colon.  What if calamari is just imitation pig colon? 

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