Monday, February 3, 2014

Private Party Time

Yesterday Josh and I co-hosted the best Superbowl party I've ever attended.  It was an exclusive affair, a Private Party if you will.  Nathan and Mandy barely made the guest list...too bad they had other plans (too bad for them!). The other hosts?  My mom and dad. I guess that makes Lilly the sole guest.

The food was delicious!  My mom made bean dip and artichoke dip.  Josh made chicken legs in the style of barbeque and hot wings.  He made the hot wings sauce and it tasted just like hot wings!  Mmmmm.  I made mayonnaise and used that to make ranch dressing for the chicken.  I also made a hot fudge cake and made sure ice cream was purchased.

In the morning my mom and I went out to the garden, braving thigh deep snow, and dug up some parsnips.  Those and a sweet potato were made into chips, which were eaten during the game.

We pre-gamed with a match of Euchre, Josh and I losing spectacularly.

It's easy to get thigh deep snow if you're short.

It was really fun to make all the delicious food and then eat it all ourselves.  Plus hot fudge cake is my favorite and I haven't had it in years and years. 

I learned a lot preparing for this:
1.  I do not like homemade mayonnaise.
2.  How deep the snow really is. (I haven't been outside in a while)
3.  How easy it is to make hot wing sauce
4.  That hot fudge cake is still just as delicious with 3 tablespoons of coco powder instead of 6
5.  I'm a sucker for the Made in America/Detroit Pride truck commercials.

On another note, I lied about not being outside.  I went snow shoeing on Friday in actual deep deep snow.  I can now cross that off my bucket list.  Life goal accomplished.  It was hard as hell and more tiring than running.  I did not make it very far. I walked through the back pasture and into the woods and then out of the woods at the shortest path possible.

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