Monday, August 13, 2012

Yesterday Florida, Today DC

Well well well. I was a little tipsy in my last post, wasn't I?  We shall all blame Josh for leaving me alone with the internet.  When I woke up and remembered in the morning, I would have sworn my list was only 9 items long.

Where am I today?

Today I am in the capitol of our great nation.  I forgot jewelry to wear this week, so I went out and decided to find a place to buy some earrings.  I crossed the street, and in the middle I looked up and BAM  Capitol Building, just sitting there facing me at the end of the street.  I decided that the closest and best place for earrings was the Smithsonian Art Museum across the street.  (And, if you can believe it Mom, I only had 30 min. until they closed!).  It was pretty sweet, but I lacked the funds to buy the actual pretty pieces of art ($200+) and the cheaper stuff wasn't that great.  Yoeu'd think there'd be better artsy jewelry there.  I picked out some earrings that are dangles that are unpolished silver magnolia leaves.  I had seen a woman wear a similar pair a while back and liked them a lot.  These are cheaper looking than hers, but I'm just going to trust in the idea that I have a more refined palate for exceptional jewelry, and that no one else will notice that I have cheap earrings on.

Cheap.  That's frustrating too because I still had to pay $18 for them!

I'm not complaining though, just exasperated.  I'm staying in an apartment rented by my work so when people visit DC from work they can stay here.  I'm having gluten free pizza delivered with cheesy fries.  Ever since I've gone gluten free, my love of fries went from "eh, if they're in front of my I'll eat them" to "FRIES! YES!".  It's the closest thing to giving me the same feeling of being full like bread.

Washington DC is one of my favorite places because there is so much history here.  It's place that our government puts in money for our culture.  All of the Smithsonian Museums, the memorials, the gardens, the architecture!  I love seeing all of the old buildings blending in with the new and the streets are at strange angles, so you get really interesting textures of buildings.  I know textures is a strange adjective, but that's the best I got.

Tomorrow and Wednesday I spend the day at public meetings at the National Museum of the American Indian.  Can you believe I remember when it opened and wanted to go see it?  Before I even started working here!  On Wednesday I have to give a 3-5 min presentation on my organization. 

There was no tax on my earrings.  How can that be?

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