Friday, August 3, 2012

Well. Thanks. Best. Lindy

Hello world.  Hello Internet.

You are special to me.  Thanks for tolerating my awesomeness.

I've had a new boss at work lately.  The director for my department finally started and has been working.  For a month now.  Only it doesn't seem like it because I was gone for two weeks straight.  Two weeks.  There are things that happened in May, like the Pyro Update for Team Fortress Two (Josh's video game) and the release of Diablo III, my video game, that I think happened last week, but really it was two months ago.  Sometimes I tell Josh things and he's like, Yeah that was in June and I'm all, well I thought it was recent news.  And that's a summary of my life.  I like the new boss.  We talked about cowboy boots and the differences we face when working with The West while we are in The East.  I'm not intimidated by him. 

I've gotten tons smarter in two weeks.  It's like, everything I've been worrying about for the last 6 months to one year have finally untangled in two weeks...maybe one week, I can't remember when I got back at the moment.

Tonight, I have spilled the wine, the beer, and the water.  I've been informed that I am worse than the cat.  I don' think so because the cat spills it all on his tummy.  My tummy is dry.  Except for the humidity sweat.

I had so many revelations this week.  One, I finally, FINALLY, figured out what my job is, and it turns out, I've been doing a super job for the past 6 months.  Also, I have a banner I can display.  It's pretty awesome knowing you have a banner.  I was sent the Eastern Oklahoma one at first and Eastern OK was sent the Eastern banner.  I finally got mine in the mail and it's pretty awesome.  Only my supervisor doesn't think I can set it up too well because I'm short.  Really it's because I wasn't patient and didn't put the tiny supporting part in place well enough and I let it drop and fall.  I represent the Eastern region, which is the eastern part of the US but not the midwest part. I don't represent Ohio, Indiana or Michigan.  I wish I did, but some granola guy from Wisconsin does.

I lost in Yatzee to Josh.  It's one of our favorite games because we can cheer for each other.  There is no actual skill to the dice rolling.  It's mostly chance.  That's why we like Yatzee. 

I want to make a list of happy things:

Happy Things:

1.  Monarch Butterflies
2.  Ackabar
3.  Stress rocks
4.  Skipping stones
5.  Woop Woop Wine
6.  Josh
7. Costco Furniture
8.  Getting things right the first time
9.  Delivery dinner outside
1o.  Cleaning
11.  books that teach you things
12.  Not the internet
13.  Parts of the internet
14.  Cheesy poofs
15.  Puffy dog tails
16.  artwork
17.  Not being a teenager...If you are one right now...keep on only gets more awesome1
18.  a well tied knot and you know the name of it
19.  Seeing veterans in the airport and people respecting them
20.  YOU!!!!

I'm just so sweet.  Aren't I?

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Ryan Lakanen said...

Were these 20 things in order of how much they make you happy? ;)

I'm glad you feel better about work now!!