Sunday, May 27, 2012

Adventure Buying Plants

Today I woke up slowly, rolled over, and read my book until the very end, about 2 hrs.

If I could only start every day like that.

When I was young, right before kindergarten started, (true confession: I never went to preschool) I realized that I would be going to school forever.  I would never again have endless time, day after day, of playing and doing what I wanted.  It was a scary thought, but I contented myself with the knowledge that when I was done with school, I would be old and able to do whatever I want.

And now that I've reached the age of adulthood, I've forgotten how to play.

Maybe I'll start my kids a year late into school.  Give them extra time before life starts.

I'm pretty reflective today, and filled with energy.  Subtle energy that allows me to rest or get up and go if I need to.  I got up and went all right.  My goal today was to purchase a few house plants and some grass seed to make Ackbar a little jungle to play in and eat in front of the fireplace.  I've already got rocks and logs there that he loves, but now it just needs some plants.  First, being the responsible cat owner that I am, I looked up lists of toxic and non-toxic plants for cats.  I found a decent one.  It was too long to write down, so I transferred it from Josh's computer to my laptop, and then searched for the printer cord.  The cord was already in the printer I discovered a while later.  Then I hooked it all up and hit "print".  There was no paper.  I found some paper.  It's pink and left over from my wedding invitations.  I hit print, and it went through all of the proper printing motions, but no ink was coming out.  There is 55% black ink left.  I tried to do a diagnostic of the printer, but the control panel wasn't helping.  I looked in my laptop and on the buttons on the printer for help.  None was to be found.  So I emailed myself the list in the email body and pulled it up on my phone and head to Home Depot.

I bet I could have transferred the list onto paper by hand, by the time I did all of that and left.

At Home Depot it was 100 million degrees in the sun, and 90 million degrees out of the sun.  Sweat was dripping down my back in giant sweaty drips, and my  hair was dirty because I decided not to shower before going out in the heat.  There's nothing that feels grosser than sweating in humidity after not showering for a few days.  The sweat mixes with your hair oil and sticks all your hair together and then I run my fingers through it and it's just gross.  That, people, is why I prefer the desert.  You can get that dirty and hot, but it's so dry all the moisture leaves you and you get covered in dust and dust in your hair.  The dust soaks up the oils and falls off and is replaced by another protective coat of dust.  There is a point, maybe 3 days of hiking, where you realize, you are as dirty as you are going to get, and it becomes the new normal, the new baseline, the new clean, and it's freeing because you can run around and get wet and walk in mud, run through things, it doesn't matter because you are already dirty....any more dirt will eventually dry up and fall off.

Anyways, I was at a chain home and garden store looking for plants that won't hurt my cat and being a gross looking hippie (yes, I dressed the part too), when suddenly and without warning, there was this eclipse of the sun. It got very dark. And there was this strange humming sound, like something from another world. When the light came back, this weird plant was just sitting there. Just stuck in among the zinnias.

I purchased it, named it Audrey II, and now I think it wants BLOOD!

Just kidding.  In reality none of the indoor plants had names on them, so I couldn't compare them to my list because I didn't know what plant it was. I just knew that it liked partial sun, was easy to grow, and needed both spanish and english.  I scanned the little smart phone square for more information, like the plants name, but all it did was bring me to the home depot plant site and explain to me in common terms that plants were good for the air.  I didn't buy any plants.  I never do when I go there for plants. It's always a disappointment. It makes me wish for a small town where the owner knows about plants and the owner is known around town, AND driving around town takes 15 min, not 45min.

I also was forced to flip someone off in traffic when they broke all traffic rules, cut me off, and almost made me get in an accident on the way home. 

"If you wanna be profound, if you really gotta justify, take a breath and look around, a lot of folks deserve to die!"  Audrey II - Little Shop of Horrors

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Don't worry, Lindy. I didn't go to preschool either. And Josh (or maybe it could have been Chris, but I think it was Josh) was a preschool drop-out!